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Spreading the kindness: B.T. Kelly Painting Inc

Our primary goal with making over the lobby, reception area, and store at The Good Companions Seniors Centre was to create a warm and homey space. One of the first things we had to do was select the paint colours. That’s something you’d normally do after you’ve selected your fabrics and furniture, but in this case, we had to make quick decisions in order to meet the deadline. At the time that we selected the paint colours, we had no idea what colour furniture we would end up with, so it really was a crapshoot. We used the logo for the centre as our starting point for the colour scheme:

From there, we ended up here (all Benjamin Moore colours).

all colours

Plus Cloud White for all the trim, lower walls, and ceiling. Now that we had the paint colours, we needed someone to put them on the walls (and doors and ceiling and cabinet too!) B.T. Kelly Painting Inc came to the rescue!Brent Kelly logo 2

Brent Kelly and his team did their thing over the course of a few evenings. Check out the awesome changes to the lobby and reception area. {“After” photos by Danielle Lynn Photography unless otherwise noted.}

From boring and bland…

before 1

To green & fab!

green cabinet

Icky white stucco…

before 2

To sky-blue ceiling.

DSC_0567Image by JAX Decor & Design

Kinda drab…

before 4

To pretty fab!


My absolute favourite element in the whole space is the curved section of the ceiling in front of the reception area painted Stratton Blue.

blue ceilingImage by JAX Decor & Design

Also love the cabinet interior (which you can see in the above picture) and the wall behind the reception desk painted Grasslands – complete with a gorgeous custom-made Matt LeBlanc painting.

green wall

Brent Kelly doesn’t have a web site, so here’s a little Q&A with him along with pictures of some of his paint projects. {images provided by Sonya Kinkade Design}.

Why did you want to participate in Extreme Makeover?
My long history of working with the Kincades made this project an easy choice. It was for a great organization that does great work in the community, and I enjoy doing these type of projects that produce dramatic results in a short period of time!

What were the biggest challenges of this job?
Only challenge was working after hours, but as a result we could actually accomplish more and not have to worry about traffic in working areas.

Do you usually do commercial or residential jobs?
We do both types of work and that keeps us enthusiastic because of all the different projects we do.


How long have you been a painter?
32 years

How did you get into the business?
I was working part time in the automotive business. A customer came in and asked me if I ever thought about learning a trade. If so, he said full-time work was available. I started 2 weeks later – he was a great teacher and I was a willing student.


How many people work for your company?

Do you work outside of Ottawa?
Yes, we have travelled 4-5 hours away on many occasions.

Any memorable jobs that you've done?
There are many, but from churches to arenas, gorgeous custom homes, to historic century old homes just to mention a few.

walsh 012

What's the key to a good paint job?
Surface preparation and clean working conditions, quality products and tradesmen.

Any painting tips you could share?
If you  are going to paint, buy quality brushes and rollers that professionals use, which actually hold more paint. This will make your task easier and end result will be much better.


 christmas 2010 011   mixed 001 

Contact information:

B.T. Kelly Painting Inc
312 Brigitta Street
Ottawa, Ontario
K2S 0J8

So what do we think of the transformation?


We like it!

Hope you like it too :-) That wraps up my donor profiles, but there’s still one more to come tomorrow over at dh designs. Also, check out yesterday's post at Solace Interiors about La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries. And there are links to all the Extreme Makeover donor profiles at the top of my sidebar.

A huge THANK YOU to B.T. Kelly Painting Inc and all of our other our other fabulous donors – we truly couldn’t have done it without you!

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  1. Great post Kelly! Brent does great work and the finished product just would not have been the same without him. Thanks Brent!!!

  2. Kelly

    Great post! It really shows your quick study in using the logo for the color scheme. Defining the space with different colors is both great visually and physically. Especially on corners, doors, and display pieces, visual cues are really helpful for the elderly to navigate in a space. Spreading the kindness in project partners, paint professional, and follow through with great satisfaction is thrilling because it makes a difference to others. Besides it feels good too.


  3. A sincere applause for the entire team who all made it happen. Take a bow! The transformation is truly awesome. -Brenda-

  4. Brent came thru and did a wonderful job. Beautiful!

  5. When I worked in medicine, I spent a lot of time in nursing homes seeing patients. My initial interest in design led me to wonder why more of these places couldn't be repainted in more inviting colors! Bravo to you for achieving that!

  6. Great post, and wonderful pic of my favorite Ottawa TBB's! :)

  7. Hi Kelly

    I love the lobby makeover including the blue ceiling. Fantastic transformation to a more cheerful and inviting space.


  8. What a marvellous community project, a great achievement !

  9. I'm sure the staff and patrons are continually enjoying the results of this beautiful make-over. Nice interview with Brent. So neat to find out how he came to be in the painting business.


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