Thursday, March 24, 2011


Gold is making a big comeback in interior design. But not your everyday, run-of-the-mill gold doorknobs and chandeliers. Nope, gold is coming back in super-cool shapes and forms. Want proof? Here you go!

I can’t decide which I like better – the curvy gold chandelier or the gold table base. Both are super-cool!

gold table Bradley Hughes_4 Designer Bradley Hughes

New York-based design Amanda Nisbet is a colour genius, and she definitely knows how to incorporate gold into a room…

gold stools amanda nisbet  gold chandelier amanda nisbet

My friend Amy at eye see pretty is a big fan of gold. I found the next few images over at her blog. The curvy gold table base in this room designed by Garrow Kedigian reminds me of a Noguchi table.

table garrow kedigian

Gold butterfly wall art by Paul Villinski.

butterflies eye see prettybutterflies 2 paul villinski

Pretty gold fabric on this chair. Sorry, I don’t know who it’s by. I’ll try to find out!

chair eye see prettyImage via eye see pretty

I discovered this gorgeous wall sconce at quintessentially b – thanks Sarah! It’s the Squiggle from Porta  Romana.

gold squiggle Porta Romana

Another gold light fixture I found at 1stdibs – the Astrolabe chandelier by Hubert le Gall.

astrolaba chandelier hubert le gall 1stdibs

Cool mirror in this hallway designed by Fiona Barratt.

townhousechelsea fiona barratt

A bit less grand but equally beautiful, from Horchow.

nikita mirror horchow

The Ring Side Table table by Autoban de la Espada.

Ring_by_AutobanImage via The 3D Studio

     Another 1stdibs find, this table base is made from small round mirrors mounted in golden brass.side table istdibsGeo Teardrop gold wallpaper from Burke Decor.

geo teardrop burke decor

Cork & gold wallpaper from Thibaut.

Thibaut Cork Wallcovering in Metallic Gold

I think all these designs are worthy of a beautiful gold medal!


Are you feeling the gold love now?

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  1. Kelly,
    Thanks for the shout out and some great new links. I must get my hands on some of that gold wallpaper..... Take care!


  2. I love warm yellow gold and use lots of it in my own home which is funny because, all my jewelery is white gold! BTW - those side tables are fab!

  3. Kelly, so many beautiful golds...the entryway...the 1st image...the butterflies on the wall...beautiful post!

  4. 24Karat gorgeous! Love it - great post.

  5. I'm so taken with the butterflies and the curvy gold table. Beautiful selections!

  6. Kelly I love the new gold finishes, they have a wonderful patina to them, not like brass or antique gold of the past but a truly beautiful lasting quality, these are so different and I really enjoyed looking at all the images, Happy Thursday,katysue

  7. I LOVE gold!! It feels really fresh and modern, especially after the years of the almost exclusive use of silver/stainless steel we've had up until now. I have a hard time convincing my clients to use gold though, it still feels scary or dated to most of them, but it's so progressive and beautiful. Glad you like the Squiggle as much as I do!!

  8. I LIKE gold..especially the brushed as opposed to shiney is all so warm.

  9. Just love how a visit to your blog takes me to places and shows me things I'd otherwise probably never see. Lovely post.

  10. Gorgeous things, Kelly ! I love understated gold and am still living in hope I will find a pot of it - a big one - at the end of a rainbow !!

  11. I'm starting to really love gold -- but it's taken some time to grow on me.... happy weekend kelly!

  12. great post kelly! i love the gold butterflies.. i think that is the same artist who did one of the bedrooms on Gossip Girl? I've never watched the show but have heard raves about this particular room and the butterfly art. Gorgeous! Have a fantastic weekend.

  13. Oh man, I can't even handle the eye candy here, it is too much!!! I love all of this inspiration, and your right, the curves are every where and I didn't even notice it! Love all the pieces here and I want them in my home :) Happy weekend Kelly
    Nancy xo

  14. Really gorgeous, isn't it? Why didn't you share your living room chandi... it would have worked with your lovely, golden post ;-)

  15. I'm totally on the gold band wagon - love!

  16. All I can say is its good to be gold!...So glad its ok to be!


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