Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Candice Tells All & Sarah Does Honeysuckle

Have you heard about Candice Olson’s new show, Candice Tells All? It debuts this coming Thursday at 8:00PM on the W Network. Here’s the show description from the W Network web site:

Candice takes viewers through the ins-and-outs of her signature makeovers while exploring a major design principle in each episode. The audience sees first-hand where Candice gets her design inspiration from and joins her as she traverses the city to see how these principles work in other mediums and art forms. Candice also gets the scoop from design industry insiders and meets up with professionals and artists doing inspiring and fabulous things beyond the world of interior design. It is a first-hand glimpse into Candice’s world, her design process and inspiration, as well as a chance to see her as we have never seen her before – up-close and personal!

And no doubt about it, Candice knows how to design a room!

2022.candice-olson-bedroom-makeover.gif-550x0  candice olson stripe kitchen candice   HM1207_divconquer_01


candice kitchen

candice condo

pink lr

Sarah Does Honeysuckle

Last night was the much-anticipated debut of Sarah 101. In case you missed it or if you don’t get Sarah 101 where you are, here’s a quick rundown (sorry about the lousy picture quality, I took pics off my TV because I couldn’t find any pics online).

Sarah and Tommy redesigned a living room/dining room in a narrow Victorian house. They started with this:


And ended up with this – COLOUR-O-RAMA! Notice that the original wood front door was painted a fabulous bright green. I wonder if the exterior side is the same colour…


The floral fabric on the two armchairs in the LR inspired the colourful palette.


The star of the living room is the bright pink sofa with contrasting piping.


Hmmmm…. did Sarah have the inside scoop on Pantone’s colour of the year for 2011, Honeysuckle 18-2120? :-)

Sarah and Tommy found the perfect dining chairs in the perfect colour:


Sarah created a wall of artwork with inexpensive plates that she arranged in a cascading layout:


A bit of equine chic on a fantastic Asian-inspired chest:

chinese chest

A daybed is an understated divider between the two spaces:


I want to know how Sarah can make such amazing second-hand finds. She must have come sort of sixth sense or something – I NEVER find such awesome stuff! The armchairs, side tables in the LR, chandelier, dining room table, colourful plates, Asian-inspired chest… all great second-hand scores.

So what did Sarah & Tommy teach us?

1. Buy pieces that are comfortable and the right proportions for your space.

2. For fresh, fun, and contemporary florals, go for over-scaled, bold, and graphic patterns.

3. A daybed as a room divider offers flexibility (you can sit on either side of it), and doesn’t distract from the site lines of the space.

4. How do you know what size area rug is right for your space? Make sure that at least the two front legs of every piece of furniture in the room sit on the area rug.

5. Sometimes you have to fix the framework before you can add the pretty, even it it isn’t in the original budget.

6. Layer your lighting – floor & table lamps, overhead ceiling lighting (on dimmers), and a chandelier give cozy light, functional light, and pretty light.

7. Look for dressmaking silk for curtains – it’s less expensive than drapery silk.. And keep silk away from touchable areas (no silk cushions).

8. Flooring in a mid-tone range will be timeless and is less likely to show furballs if you have a cat or dog.

9. The width of your dining table depends on how you like to entertain. Sarah likes enough room for place settings and lots of room down the center of the table.

If last night’s episode was any indication, Sarah 101 is going to rock big-time! And here’s hoping Candice Tells All is just as fun, colourful, and informative. Don’t forget to check her out on Thursday!

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  1. Great post Kelly! I loved last night's episode of Sarah 101 and can't wait for Candace's new show. I think Jen at Rambling Renovators had some great photos on her site. Take care!

  2. Phooey, I missed both of them. I knew they were coming but maybe I don't get the right channels. Crumb!

    I recognize some of those great designs that Candace did. I've never seen Sarah and Tommy go so wild with colour! Gee I hope I can get even one of the programs! Darn.

  3. Oh wow, I can't thank you enough for the pictures and re-cap of Sarah's new show. I don't have cable so didn't get to see it, but now I know a bit about it. I wouldn't want such a bright room, but I love seeing a well designed one

  4. Great recap Kelly! I love the bold direction in colour Sarah has gone in. Can't wait for the rest of the shows!

  5. That is serious commitment to take photos of your tv screen! it.

  6. I loved Sarah 101 last night- I was so down with the fabric choices and furnishings- loved that ornate mirror and the dining table...and the pink sofa of course. The only things I wasn't crazy about were the wall colour, plaid cushion and floral artwork- other than that, loved it! And very excited about Candice Olsen on Thursday. Great post!!

  7. I loved the show! I loved the fabrics - loved everything except I can't do plates on the wall... other than that, love, loved it!!!

    Can't wait for Candice Olsen's show -

  8. I loved the show. She is right on about using bright colours and patterns. As usual she nailed it perfectly! LOVE, love, love the room and the show {so far}

    Can't wait for Candace's show to debut as well. She is always entertaining.

    Awesome post Kelly, great summary of her tips!
    I am going to use a Sarah tip in my newly carved out games room space, using a oversized floral print.

  9. Although Candice uses a very similar color palette for most her rooms, I never grow tired of her style and designs. Certainly cant wait to see Sarah's show her in the US.

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  10. That is a great summary Kelly! Also, never leave your house to go shopping without your fabric sample in your back pocket :) It comes in handy when trying to visualize how second-hand chairs will look re-upholstered!

    I can't wait for Candice's new show either - I think it will be good too!


  11. The show was so much fun to watch, I loved it! Sarah and Tommy are my fav's. I loved the room and my favorite parts by far were the entry console and mirror, and the bright green door!! Amazing :)
    Nancy xo

  12. Watched Sarah 101 and she certainly used lots of colour! It looked nice but too bright for me personally. I look forward to seeing Candace's show she always does beautiful rooms.

  13. These are great tips from Sarah and Tom (these two are awesome), expecially the tip about using dress-making silk for drapes. Love that idea. Candice is a long-time favorite of mine. She's so clever and classy with her designs.

  14. Hey Kelly, popping in again to let you know I gave you a stylish blogger award.

  15. I can't believe that you took pics of your tv! I tried to find photos to post, but gave up! Very clever! Loved the show. That green door is awesome. Plate wall was perfect. Ornate mirror... LOVE.

  16. I'm with everyone else and good on you for being resourceful and taking pics of your TV screen! Sarah 101 was amazing. I can't wait until next week!

    And I didn't know about Candice Olsen's new show. I have officially PVR'd it!

  17. I love Sarah and Tommy and their show doesn't disappoint!

  18. What great TV shows - I wish we had them here in Australia !!

  19. I missed the show (Sarah's) but grateful that you took the time to recap for us! Your section on Candice is awesome.

  20. Ohh I wish you could have filmed your TV instead of taking pic ;) Love both Candice and Sarah, AND of course Brandon's photos. I love the tip about using a daybed as a room divider, as you said, you can sit facing either way.

    xo Linda

  21. Kelly I am sooooo excited to read this post. I am dying here in California because I don't get this show. Sarah is one of my favorite tv designers and I have follower her since she started. Thank you , thank you for this post, I will take your tv picts over no pictures at all any day, Thanks, Kathysue

  22. Wish we got that show here. I have to be satisfied with old episodes of Design Inc and Sarah's House.

  23. Hi Kelly,

    I watched Sarah's show and as always the interaction of her and Tommy and the commentary is wonderful. I loved that they are now putting a price tag on thier design. Makes it so much more realistic to know what things cost. Where you can save and where you can splurge. I thought the space was colourful, fresh and very charming.

    I missed Candaces show but OMG I'm totally in love with all her rooms via your pictures.


  24. I'm revisiting this post because I wanted another look at that last photo from Candice's series. I don't care for pink but I must say that room in the last (candice) photo has struck me big time. I LOVE it. It's the mostly white decor with subtle hits of pink -- and I don't like pink. Love the fabric on those chairs in particular.

    Oh, and I recently came across this luscious Cdn magazine and wondered if you've seen it: (notice the last cover was a horse)! :)


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