Thursday, July 17, 2014

Night table makeover: Who says blue & green must never be seen?

Not me! I love blue & green together! Especially bright green with turquoise. While the paint on the bedroom ceiling was drying last weekend, I worked on a smaller and much easier project. This side table has been at the cottage forever – probably since the mid 1950s when the cottage was built.

night table before

It was only after I’d painted it that my dad mentioned that my grandparents had the night table and a matching dresser custom made for my mom when she was a little girl. I had a sudden feeling of guilt over painting it, but my dad said not to worry, he loves the new look. Whew!

This was a super-fast and easy makeover. The night table is in perfect shape and only needed a quick cleaning with a damp cloth to remove some dirt and cobwebs. A couple of years ago, I accidentally discovered that sanding brass with a fine grit sandpaper is a great way to get rid of the tarnish and gives a beautiful brushed metal finish. So with a little bit of elbow grease, the drawer pull went from this:

handle before

…to this in about 5 minutes:

handle after

Painting the table was almost as fast and easy! No need to prime because I used chalk paint. I painted the shelf and drawer front Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Provence, and the rest of the table FAT Paint Apple.

provence apple

I cannot begin to tell you how perfect these two colours are together. Obviously whoever said that blue & green must never be seen never ate an Apple in Provence! ;-)

After one coat…

night table progress

Two coats of paint and a coat of clear wax later, and this is the final result :-)

night table after 3

The brass pull stands out so nicely against the turquoise.

handle close up

I think my mom would approve :-)

night table after 1

I bought two dressers off Kijiji for the cottage bedroom as well. I’m going to try out some other colours from FAT Paint – gotta support my friend and former blog buddy Victoria :-)

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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Cottage bedroom makeover: Update #1

I should have mentioned in my previous post about the cottage bedroom makeover that the whole reason for the makeover is because last fall, hubby added a 4’ extension to the back of our cottage. The extra space is amazing, but there’s a lot of inside work to do. So I figured now is the time to make some drastic changes, seeing as this bedroom has been the same since the mid 1950s.

These are sort-of before pics – before the painting, but after the extension went on and the addition of the storage platform above the bed.

before 1View from the doorway

  before 4View from the extension

This past weekend was the worst part of the makeover – priming and painting the ceiling. Half the job involved painting in the most awkward position ever – lying on my back 2 feet from the ceiling. It’s very discombobulating to paint upside down!

platformSuch a glamourous shot of my feet ;-)

And it was hot up there too – whoever said that hot air rises was right! ;-) Amazingly, I managed to get all the priming & painting done without dripping any paint into my eyes. My shoe didn’t fare quite as well…


Very impressed with how well the Zinsser All Surface Primer adhered to the  paneling and varnished beams.


After two coats of paint…


I wish I knew what colour this is, but I really have no idea! I have 1-1/2 gallons of a mystery blue paint in the basement that I decided to use to save some money. It’s pretty close to PARA Paints In The Loop:

in the loop name

Next weekend, hubby will be hanging drywall on the ceiling in the extension and paneling the walls. Then I get to do more priming and painting – YAY ME! ;-) But at least the hard part is done :-) The walls are going to be white. Which white? Well, that’s a harder choice than you’d think. White is white, right? Weeeeeelllllllll, not so much…

white paint chipsImage via Home Decor – A blog by Quality Bath

I’ve never actually painted a whole room white, but I really like the white that I used on the trim in our master bathroom, PARA Paints Jo Jo Whitewash.

jo jo whitewash name

But not being a white expert, I put out the question to some designer friends – what’s you’re favourite white? The three most popular choices were Benjamin Moore’s Simply White, Chantilly Lace, and Oxford White.


At least the choice is already narrowed down to just four :-) Have you ever painted a room white? Do you have a favourite go-to white?

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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Cottage bedroom makeover

Some inspiration pictures for the cottage bedroom makeover than I’m starting this weekend…

blue ceiling 1 Image via Chic Coastal Living


blue ceiling 2 Image via Pinterest


turquoise bed 1Image via Better Home and Garden 


turquoise bed 2
Image via clark|pharm


blue crabBlue crab by Laura Trevey


cottage lampImage via Pottery Barn Kids

Not sure how I’m going to pull myself away from the lake to go inside and paint, but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do!

Before and after pics coming soon….

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

New bathroom build

So no sooner has one bathroom renovation ended, and we’re on to…. another bathroom renovation! Well, this one isn’t so much a renovation as a build – we’re adding a bathroom in the basement as part of our basement reno. It’s just going to be a small room with the basics – vanity, corner shower, toilet.

This was quite possibly the fastest and easiest decision making process ever. I love the backsplash tiles and countertop that I’m using in another bathroom project, so I decided why not use them in our bathroom too!

The backsplash tiles are Avenue Mosaic Ripple and will be installed vertically from the top of the vanity right up to the ceiling,

The countertop is this super-cool solid surface by Affinity. The colour is called Celestial Azure – it’s a beautiful turquoise with tiny silver shimmery flecks.

affinity celestial azur

There are sooooooooooooo many funky floor tile options out there, but I decided to go with something subtle(ish) so as not to compete with the backsplash & countertop. Savoia Silk Silver porcelain tiles fit the bill perfectly.


This is how they look together in the sun on my back patio :-)

basement tiles

We’re going to design and build a floating vanity, similar to this vanity that I helped design for a friend’s bathroom makeover.

floating vanity

We’ll re-use the toilet and the faucet & sink from our pre-reno master bathroom to save money. Plus that means less stuff going to the landfill, which is always a good thing :-)

faucet sink

I haven’t decided on a wall colour yet, but I’m thinking PARA Paints Preque’Ile Point. It’s a soft greeny-grey that goes really well with the backsplash tiles.

presquile point

And there it is, our soon-to-be new bathroom. Hubby has been hard at work jack hammering concrete and moving pipes and framing out walls and basically turning the house into a big dust fest ;-) I’ll post progress pics as soon as there’s progress to show you :-)

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Monday, June 9, 2014

Master bathroom renovation reveal

Wow, was it really two years ago that I excitedly announced that we were FINALLY renovating our master bathroom? Yep, it really was! Looking back at my first blog post about the project, it’s interesting to see what we had envisioned for the room, and how it actually turned out. If you can remember that far back, this bathroom from Sarah 101 was my inspiration:

Things I love about this bathroom…. the tiles, the niche in the wall, the colour scheme, the overall watery look & feel.

So that was the starting point. We literally tore out everything right down to the studs, except the ceiling.

studs 3

Hubby moved & added electrical for the two chandeliers and the vanity sconces and repositioned all the plumbing for the new layout.

drywall vanity wall


Before the reveal, I must send a HUGE thank you once again to Brizo for providing the faucets. They gave me free rein to choose whatever faucets I wanted, and it was an easy choice: the beautiful Virage. The shape reminds me of a curling wave.

brizo faucets

FYI, body jets are a must!

And another huge thank you to PARA Paints. I was on the PARA Paints Blog Crew when we started the makeover, so PARA provided all the paint. I chose P5207-34 Tribeca Square for the ceiling, P5206-24 Peaks & Valleys for the walls, and PF17 JoJo Whitewash for the trim. Thank you PARA!


I couldn't find quite the right grey for the vanity in my PARA deck, so I chose a grey from another company and had it colour-matched to PARA’s ULTRA Cabinet and Furniture paint. Hubby and I designed the vanity, and he built it (which added a few months to the timeline!) The countertop is Super White Quartzite, which turned out to be a much softer stone than we expected. If you’re considering using Super White Quartzite, reading this discussion is a must.


Blue candles, glass fishing floats, and beautiful pottery made by an artist in Cape Breton are the perfect coastal accents.


The chandeliers and sconces have crystals that look like water drops.

chandelier reflection 2

The white shower tiles have a wave-like motif, and the small blue glossy mosaic tiles look like glistening water.

shower half wall out

tiles close

I am so in love with the big gorgeous painting that Andrada Anghel created for me. You can read more about it here.

andrada 1

And how did the room turn out? Pretty fantabulous if I do say so myself! Here are the before & after shots of each corner of the room. The icky brass shower is gone…

before 3

…, replaced with a wall-hung toilet tucked into the corner that’s hardly noticeable when you walk into the room.

corner 1 pm 2

Bye-bye bidet…

before 1

…hello custom-made vanity!

corner 2 pm 2

We did update the original vanity about eight years ago – here’s how it looked originally…

before 2

…and now replaced with my dream shower, complete with body jets and NO sill to stub my toes on! :-)

corner 3 pm 2

The new tub is in the same spot as the old tub…

before 4

…but this one doesn’t take up 1/4 of the entire room. And the controls are right on the tub, not on the wall 10 feet away!

corner 4 2

View from the doorway.

bathroom from door 2

I even found a TP holder and a towel bar with crystals that match the chandeliers!hafele_bathroom_ha-980.84.872-s7I’m just waiting for the roman blind to be made and installed, and then we can call this room 100% finished!

In the end, our bathroom really doesn’t look anything at all like the inspiration bathroom. But isn’t that what inspiration is all about – taking something that you love and putting your own spin on it.

vanity from end 2


candles and faucet

So now that the master bathroom reno is done, what’s next on the agenda? Why, another bathroom, of course! Actually, we’re renovating the entire basement, including the addition of a new bathroom. Fun times! ;-)

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