Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Thanks for helping me kick cancer in the butt!

Back on October 1st, I told you that I was participating in the Growing Our Pits For Tits campaign with the Unshaven Mavens to raise money for breast cancer research and support. All I had to to was grow my armpit hair for the month of October. Which is actually a pretty easy thing to do – way easier than walking 60 kms or running a marathon! Oh, and I had to raise money too, of course! I optimistically set my fundraising goal at $500, but wasn’t entirely sure I’d be able to raise that much. Well…

pits goal

Yep – not only did I achieve my original goal, I more than doubled it with a grand total of $1,135! SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! I’m absolutely floored by the amazing generosity of my friends in Canada, the US, and even Australia! Big thank yous go out to Vanessa, Lana, Kate, Pam & Oded, Sarah, Mrs. O, my dad, Janet, Suzanne, Stephanie, Lisa, Nicole, Sonya, Heather, Maureen, Alisa & Ryan, Jennie & Mitch, Cousin Lynn, Donna, Jim & Susan, Ana, Sheila & Steve, Sarah, Carolann, Erika, Stu, Cindy, Rob & Sandy, and my hubby Brian for your support – I couldn’t have done it without all of you!

The campaign officially wrapped up last Friday night with the Red CarPIT Bash at The Space on Bank Street. There were a lot of bare arms and hairy pits in the room – and lots of smiles too :-) Plus keeping with the theme, there were boob cake pops and boob cupcakes to snack on. Wish I had pictures of them to show you, but I, unlike the rest of world, do not have an iPhone. But they looked a little something like this:

boob cakes

Prizes were awarded for Most Pitiful {least hair growth}, Jolie Pit {nicest pit}, Brad Pitt {most hair growth}, and Best Pit Crew and Pit Boss for the most money raised by a team and by an individual. Guess what - I’m going on a trip, because I was named Pit Boss! SHUT THE FRONT DOOR AGAIN! I won two tickets to anywhere Porter Airlines flies!

I’d love to go back to Halifax, but I’d also love to go somewhere I’ve never been before. So I’m thinking of flying to Myrtle Beach and then driving down to Charleston. Especially after seeing some of the beautiful architecture and gardens there…

SC 1SC 2 SC 3 All images from Pinterest

Winning the trip is pretty amazing, but even more amazing is that I was able to help the Unshaven Mavens raise a total of $10,000 for breast cancer research. WOOT! That’s a pretty good way to wrap up Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

On a related sad note, I just found out yesterday that Raylene Rankin from the Rankin Family died on September 30th after a long battle with breast cancer. She’s one of so many women who died way too young because of this nasty disease. In honour of Raylene and all the other who have battled and are battling breast cancer, here’s Raylene singing her beautiful trademark song, Rise Again

Ladies, take care of your boobs!


  1. wow, congratulations Kelly! That's utterly fantastic: the money raised for cancer but also that you won the trip!
    Hey, you gotta know how much that song of Raylene's means to me. My mom died of cancer and, as you now know, I always think of Raylene singing this song and it's perfect lyrics when I think of my mom.

  2. So pleased and proud of you, Kelly!!! Your thoughtful efforts to raise money for Breast Cancer research is commendable, and we're soooo happy for you to have won airline tickets!!! What an amazing voice Raylene possessed. How sad. Thank you for sharing that touching and gorgeous song with us, too. Cheers, Pam and Oded

  3. You are truly something to aspire to Kelly! Keep up the good work in all the things you do!

  4. Congrats on your fundraising success and your win. You are an inspiration!

    You are going to LOVE Charleston. It's one of my favorite cities. Now is a good time to visit, especially if it is decked out for Christmas, Southern style! Please post photos of what catches your eye. (I am happy to know that someone else in the world doesn't use an iPhone.)

  5. Congratulations what a great accomplishment. And so exciting to win a trio. Enjoy!

  6. Great post Kelly ! So happy that you raised more than your initial goal :) Btw, the inspiration photos are amazing. The bright pink door is such a show stopper!

  7. Way to go Kelly! You are such an inspiration... I hope you head off to Myrtle Beach - Charleston sounds like way too much fun! Congratulations! :-)


  8. Great post Kelly ! The inspiration photos are amazing. The bright pink door is such a show stopper! I love your blog . You have a new follower from chile


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