Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Inspired by Malcolm

Sorry about the lack of blog posts lately. I kind of had the wind knocked out of me on the weekend when our foster dog Malcolm was adopted and swept off to New Brunswick on Sunday. I totally wasn’t ready for him to leave – but at least I had time to bake him a batch of going away cookies, even if it was 2:00 in the morning! I miss him so much, but I know he’s going to have a great life in a loving home with kids & other dogs to play with.

Do you remember Malcolm’s sad & dejected shelter picture? Well, he’s come a long way since then! Oh yeah, that’s Malcolm getting all gangster on the sofa! A far cry from the poor skinny  pup whose sad picture broke my heart…


Hard to believe that’s the same dog! We knew it would take some time to help Malcolm gain confidence and to put some weight on. But he really surprised us with how quickly he came out of his shell and blossomed into a happy, loving, playful boy. It’s amazing how a dog’s heart can forgive and love humans, even after being mistreated and abandoned.

malcolm close pm malcolm profile 2  malcolm on carpet close 3 malcolm squirt malcolm blink pm malcolm running 1 pm

In honour of Malcolm, here are some rooms that remind me of Malcolm’s beautiful brown & black brindle coat and soulful orangey-brown eyes…

living room ari signes

gleneagles golf course retreat Modern country retreat at the Gleneagles golf course

black-brown-hardwood-interior-design-leather-living-room-Favim.com-82049Image via favim.com

interior-design-kips-bay-Lichten-17 elle decor2009 Kips Bay Show House | Image via House Beautiful

LR decorpadImage via Decorpad

modern-brown-living-room Jeff AndrewsInterior designer Jeff Andrews

So happy you’ve found your furever home, sweet Malcolm. The paw print you left on my heart will stay with me forever…


  1. So glad he found a home....sad for you. I know what it's like. I had 3 fosters and then kept the 4th...i couldn;t bear for him to go.

  2. The dog looks fabulous and happy. I'm sure it must be difficult to watch him go. At least he got a great second chance.

    1. It was REALLY hard to let Malcolm go, but I know he's in a good home and will be loved a lot and well cared for :-) I'm so happy that my hubby and I were able to help him find his forever home :-)

  3. You gave Malcolm a wonderful bringing up. He certainly looks to be a part of everything. He's Beautiful!

  4. Oh that handsome Malcolm. Bless your heart for helping him gain confidence. I hope he has enough to adjust well in a busy home. He's so darn beautiful.
    I also think each one of those rooms you've posted is warm and soulful (soulful in a positive way). Makes me feel all comfy -- much like Malcolm was on the sofa.

  5. So glad he found a wonderful home but I totally understand how sad you must feel without him. I couldn't even start to do what you do with fostering the dogs. I get so attached so quickly I know it would just break my heart. You are such a strong brave woman! Malcolm will be all the better for having been with you!

  6. How fabulous he has a home - now when is the next foster arriving ??

  7. Aw, what a lovely post. You have a heart of gold! Malcolm is a perfect name; he looks so dignified and intelligent, almost regal in expression.

    Your room choices are perfect. Love browns. They make me feel warm and cozy, but as your photos show, they can create a sophisticated, cutting edge look as well.

  8. Kelly, what a heartfelt post! We miss Malcolm too and we never met him!!! I know he will be a happy fellow in his new home - you have done a wonderful thing for him! Can't wait to hear about your next "save"!

  9. I have never met you Kelly but somehow I just love you! Enough said!

  10. Is great that you found someone who takecare of Malcon. The Pictures in honor a Malcon is very beautiful color cominatiion

  11. Wow that was fast! I love the photos of Malcolm running and laying on your other pooch. Looking at the photo of him before brought tears to my eyes, it's amazing how you have helped him Kelly. I'm so glad to hear that he's going to a home with other dogs, he's sure to live a happy life.
    Just like with Tobasco, I'm sure he will remember you, your husband and your dogs for the rest of his life and will always be grateful to you guys for taking him in and showering him with love.



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