Sunday, January 15, 2012

The OMFG Painting

imageLast year, one of the things on my to-do list for 2011 was to create a painting. It ended up being the only thing I didn’t get done – I think I was just too intimidated by the thought of putting paint to canvas. But I wasn’t intimidated by building a railing from scratch – go figure ;-) I’ve never taken art lessons, and although I’m pretty creative, I’m far from being an artist. I can’t even draw stick people properly.

Anyway, a couple of days ago, I decided that I was going to just do it. If it came out crappy, no big deal, I’d just paint over it and start again. I had an image in my mind of how I wanted the painting to turn out and an inspiration picture that I was going to use to get me started.

The first step was spray painting the canvas gold & silver.

Gold and silver canvas

I let it dry overnight, and then I set myself up on the kitchen counter with my canvas, my paint, by brushes, a container of water, and the laptop so I could look at the inspiration painting {I REALLY need a proper craft room}.

I squirted some purple paint onto the canvas and spread it around. Then I tried to squirt some white paint onto the canvas, but the paint just came out in little drops. So I squeezed the bottle harder, and PPPPHHHHTTTTT – white paint squirted onto the canvas. And the kitchen floor, the kitchen walls, the kitchen cupboards, the kitchen countertop, the fridge, the stove, the family room floor, and the laptop. OMFG

splatter 1

I got a couple of splatters on my camera bag, but managed to somehow miss the dog food bowl.

splatter 2

See how far away the fridge is? How the heck did the paint squirt that far?!

splatter 3

And to top it all off – after 1-1/2 hours of cleaning up the mess, I gave the laptop one last suck with the vacuum to get off the last bits of dried up paint. And schloop, there went the period key.

Bye-bye period key, hello run-on sentences

So a few hours and many bad words after starting, the painting came out nothing at like I had envisioned or like the inspiration painting. But I like it anyway :-) I think I’m going to call it OMFG ;-)


Actually, I shouldn’t be surprised by the paint explosion. You may remember the catastrophe I had when I painted the family room last spring that resulted in this:


Anyway, because I’m a glutton for punishment – I mean, because painting #1 was so much fun – I decided to make another painting today. No story to go with this one, though! I started with a gold canvas {ignore the broccoli and bag of flour and cans on pineapple}.

blue before

It was supposed to be a beach with crashing waves, but that plan got changed somewhere along the way {like, 5 seconds into it}.

blue 2

A couple of close-ups.

blue close 2blue closeYep, those are globs of paint on the countertop!

See the speckles in the corner? I sprinkled glitter all over the painting while it was still wet. It doesn’t show up very well in the picture, but it’s pretty cool in real life.


Oh, and hubby found the period key in the vacuum canister. So all is right with the world again :-)

I’m linking up my canvas makeovers to Metamorphosis Monday over at Between Naps on the Porch. Hopefully nobody else had a massive paint catastrophe this week!

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  1. Oh no!....OMFG is right. What a fiasco.

  2. Bwuahahahaha. Awesome blog post.

    Hilarious, you are so funny.

    GLAD that period key was found. Period.

    Good times, that.

  3. Oh my, what a mess. I'm amazed you continued with the painting as I would have packed it in and figured that was a bad omen or something. They look like fun to paint.

  4. I'm so happy you're sharing the mess! I loved seeing your painting the other day on FB, but seeing the chaos is even more fun!! Keep painting, Kelly; they're looking wonderful!

  5. hahaha!!! You are too funny. I love it that you sucked up the period key with the vacuum!

  6. awesome close-ups! virtual hugs to you, Kelly

  7. Ha ha, I always love how you tell your stories Kelly! So I figure you need a painting ROOM so as to avoid these catastrophes :))) Love the paintings!

    Nancy xo

  8. LOL I couldn't help but laugh.. hopefully the clean up wasn't too, too bad! Although, I think somewhere down the road, you might come upon a random white paint dot to remind you of this experience. :)

  9. Haha funny post. Great art though!

  10. Worth it because the painting looks fab! I love DIY and have made a whack of it for my home:

    P.S. I'm in the nation's capital, too!

  11. Ha ha, loved that story! This reminds me of so many of my DIY projects...

  12. I Like it! Very creative and fun, great job!

  13. lol...I think your painting disaster happened about the same time my son smashed his 30 gallon fish tank in the basement. OMFG is right! good luck with the paintings - be brave! ;)


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