Thursday, October 24, 2013

Kelly’s Seashore: Commissioned painting by Andrada Anghel

A couple of years ago, I discovered the art at Andrada Anghel through my friend, artist Matt LeBlanc. I really admired her work, and it was interesting to see it pop up in the homes of some of my design blog friends and their clients. The more I saw Andrada’s paintings, the more I wanted one for myself :-)

vanessa francis client dining room vanessa francis drDesigns by Vanessa Francis Design, images via Decor Happy


Dawna Jones LRDesign by and image via Dawna Jones Design


When you walk into our still-being-reno’d master bathroom, there’s a big empty wall in front of you. It’s the perfect wall for a big piece of art…. maybe a big piece of Andrada art!

I contacted Andrada and asked her her about creating a 6’ x 3’ painting for me. She said she could do it – Yay! I sent her some inspiration pictures – I didn’t want to tell her what to paint, I just wanted to show her the beachy colours and feel that I love. I wanted her to interpret them however she liked and to have the freedom to let her creativity flow without me putting any restrictions on her.

painting inspiration 1painting inspiration 3painting inspiration 2 I was so excited to see what Andrada would come up with. A few weeks later, Andrada completed my painting… she named it Kelly’s Seashore :-)

andrada painting“Kelly’s Seashore” by Andrada Anghel

Holy gorgeousness! Andrada completely captured the colours and the beauty of the ocean that I love!

Andrada lives a couple of hours from me in Laval, Quebec. I wanted to pick up the painting and meet Andrada and see her studio, but, well, how would I fit a 6’ long and 3’ wide painting into a car that’s 8’ long and 3’ wide…  and still be able to actually fit inside it myself?! So Andrada shipped the painting to me. Even though the bathroom still isn’t finished, I had to hang it right away. So, please ignore the state of everything around the paintings and just drink in the beauty of Andrada’s talent…

andrada painting wall_thumb[1]

It couldn’t be more perfect – the size, the colours, the feel of the beach that it adds to the room… I’m just so thrilled with it! Thank you so much Andrada for taking my vision and creating such an amazing piece of art :-) You’re a lovely person and such a talented artist, and I’m going to cherish this painting forever!

If you’ve ever thought about commissioning a painting from one of your favourite artists, what are you waiting for? Go for it!

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  1. That is BEYOND amazing!!!!!! I love it and your bathroom! I am so behind on blogging, but just wanted to stop by and say Hello! I love that piece. It fits you and your home perfectly! Guess where I just went? Charleston!! Now I am just homesick all over and we have had snow flurries here which doesn't help! You can just look at that beautiful painting and always feel like you are there! :-)

  2. Perfect positioning over that glorious bath.

  3. And I thought only wealthy heiresses commissioned paintings! What a wonderful idea and you really hit the jackpot. It's perfect. I can see why you will always treasure it.

  4. The colors are very beautiful! I can't wait to see the bathroom.

    Nearly all my art is hand-painted by artist friends, my daughter, or me. But for the most part I don't photograph it, because my camera is not that good.

  5. Perfect!! Love the size, colours and feel of the painting!! And Andrada is Romanian, so of course I love it!:)

  6. Beautiful! Both the painting and your bath. Looks close to finished to me!

  7. Oh my Kelly it is absolute perfection, and your bathroom is coming along so beautifully.
    Andrada is an amazing talent and what a honor to have her work I currently now own 4 pieces!!!

  8. Kelly that is utterly spectacular! And bravo to you for allowing her to create based simply on images you showed her. The painting is so classy and I love the colours. Btw that bathroom is beautiful.

  9. Oh Kelly, the painting is amazing not to mention, even though it is a sneak peek; your bathroom is beautiful. -Brenda-


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