Tuesday, February 1, 2011

IDS11 eye candy

Everywhere I looked at IDS11, there was something awesome to see. Prepare to be awed and amazed with some serious IDS11 eye candy!

{I’ve included the sources wherever possible, but as I mentioned in my previous post, I was a bit distracted and didn’t always get the names of the artisans or booths. If you know the source for something you see here, please leave a comment and let me know so I can give proper credit.}

First of all, I have to share the best eye candy of all – the TBBs + Escort! ;-)

TBBs and escortThanks ladies & Graham for the fun & laughs & good times!

Edgewater Studio may have been everybody’s favourite booth – Twitter and blogs have been on fire over the last few days with people gushing over these gorgeous tiles! This is the only picture I managed to get – the booth was packed with people!

tiles studio north

My friend Nicole managed to get this picture.

edgewater nicole

And a couple of pictures from the Edgewater web site.

Mini-Moroccan-300x300 Nishi-Close-Up-IDS11-300x195

These are two of my favourite booths in Studio North. Andrew Ooi is a self-taught Toronto artist who puts his own spin on origami to create one-of-a-kind light fixtures and artwork.

ooi lights 1ooi artwork

And Gilbert Vanden Heuvel has combined his love for cycling and metal work to design furniture, accessories, and art from old bicycle parts – literally reCYCLING!

bike table recyclermirror recycler

AM Studio was one of my favourite booths last year. They were back again this year with more gorgeous light fixtures.

am studio 1  am studio 3

And more gorgeous lighting. Aren’t these wood light fixtures totally fab? From The Carroll Street Woodworkers (thanks Patsy at Our Journey!!)

wood light fixtures studio north

This is a recreation of an old glass chandelier.

glass leaf chandelier

Loved Eurolite’s booth.

eurolite colourful

I wouldn’t mind this diamond!

diamond sconce eurolite 1

diamond sconce eurolite 2

Love these huge glass lamps in the Frini Furniture booth. The credenza is pretty awesome too – isn’t it cool how it looks like molten metal? But the surface is totally smooth.

lamps frini

Commute Home created this funky urban light installation.

cool metal and light display

Brass Moroccan-inspired light fixtures from Snob.

brass lights snob

Love this huge crystal chandelier, but can’t remember which booth it was in. {Thanks again to Patsy at Our Journey for letting me know that the next two pics are from the UpCountry booth} :-)

chandelier union jack 2

The Union Jack was popular! {Picture taken by my friend Nicole}

union jack sofa

Believe it or not, these gorgeous flowers are made from Corian! Designed by Pascale Girardin.

flower lights 3

And this super-cool hanging chair is Corian too! Designed by the guys at Earth Inc.

cool hanging chair

Adorable felt cushion in the Sheridan student exhibit.

student cushion

I can’t for the life of me remember which booth this was, but how cool is this vent hood with the city skyline?

skyline vent hood 2

Some cool installations…

cool installation

chairs on wall 18karat

booth with funky wood walls

funkly booth pink strings

funky installation

And of course, what’s a design show without furniture – love this tire chair, appropriately called Tire-E.

tire-e chair 1  tire-e chair 2

Alfred Sung’s limited edition Blackwatch Tartan outdoor furniture – available only at IDS11!  But don’t worry, he has some other cool designs coming out soon…

sung stacked chairs 2

sung side table

Some cool pieces from Studio North…

cool side table      cool chair and table studio north

sideboard with topography

Awesome layered wood doors on this credenza from Cabinet Furniture.

cabinet credenza

cabinet credenza close

I am so digging these glass bamboo tiles from Saltillo.

bamboo tiles saltillo

I could go on, but you get the picture – design fabulousness everywhere you looked! My next IDS post will be about the Sibling Revelry exhibit, which was a big hit. Don’t miss it!

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  1. Hi Kelly, thanks for this post - the product design are very interesting and some are really fabulous - especially the chandeliers! I could die for those....

  2. Nice coverage! :)

    The wooden light fixtures are from The Carroll Street Woodworkers http://www.cswfurniture.com/sale/sale_turnedlights.html

    The crystal chandelier in front of the Britain flag (and the Britain couch) are from UpCountry http://www.upcountry.com

  3. Oh boy, talk about sensory overload! Everywhere you look, there's something else to dazzle you. I LOVE those wooden pendant lights! And the layered wood credenza is amazing. And those incredible tiles. How did you keep from totally spazzing out? Can't wait to see what else you show us. Kat

  4. Oh man, I missed some things. I didn't see the Sheridan College booth, or the tiles that you have at the beginning of the post, or the origami lights. I would have loved to see them. Great recap.

  5. Those are great photos! Thanks for sharing!


  6. You know what stands out for me? The vast diversity and creativity of the products but also their presentation. Wow creativity heaven.

    I love a lot: the wood lights, the Corian flowers, the layered wood credenza, the bamboo tile, and the wallpaper behind the cool molten metal credenza. Wow.

  7. LOVE all the pictures you took at the show Kelly, really makes me feel like I can see what was there. And I love all the different styles and products, I wish I could have seen some of those gorgeous tiles in person!! I'm so glad that it was fun too :))) Thank you for sharing IDS with us!
    Nancy xo

  8. Thank Kelly for sharing
    Lovely pieces and the lighting is really great

  9. This is a great selection of inspiring lighting and furnishings. Wish I could have been there enjoying it too!!!

  10. The 'cool installation' wall is fabulous! And I luuuuuuv that 2nd AM Studio chandelier. Crazy awesome! Totally jealous!

  11. thanks for covering the fair for us I just did a blog of the Toronto fair and used a few of your photos check it out www.nordicrooms.net


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