Sunday, April 13, 2014

Bulkhead befuddlement

Yeah, I really did say befuddlement – that’s because I’m befuddled! Our next renovation project is the basement. It’s kinda sorta finished. The walls are drywalled and painted (although the wall colour is going to change). The floor is done (although we’re ripping up the laminate and replacing it with cork). And the ceiling needs to be completely done.

The thing about basement ceilings is that there’s usually a lot going on between the joists. Plumbing pipes, ductwork, I beams… all the things you want to hide. And hiding them requires bulkheads. And that brings me to my befuddlement – how to paint the bulkheads. I originally planned to paint them the same colour as the walls.


Or maybe they should be painted white, like the ceiling.


Or maybe a combination of both?

But then I found this – what about cladding them in wood veneer…

Do you see my befuddlement?! Which option would you choose?
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  1. I think that doing the above is okay, if highlighting them is what you want to do, or if the ceilings are high enough that it doesn't visually lower them. I'm of the mind most of the time to not accentuate them. So I would personally choose to paint a light enough Color that I could take up on the ceiling as well and then maybe pick a wall for an accent Color to give it a pop of Color and draw your eye to that focal not the bulk heads. Can't wait to see what you do.


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