Furry friends

Those are my two furry friends in my blog header - Jackson on the left and Squirt on the right. Sometimes they drive me crazy, but most of the time they're cute and lovable :-)
If you have a furry friend - or a scaly friend or a feathered friend - I'd love to see a picture and share it here on my Furry Friends page. E-mail your pic(s) to me at kelly@jaxdecor.ca. And if you have a story to go along with the picture, I'd love to hear it :-)

Dogs Don't Understand Basic Concepts Like Moving

OMG, you have to check out this hilarious post about packing up the dogs and moving. I'm sure all dog owners can relate!

Could there be a better name for a Chocolate Lab than CocoaPop?! This cute girl belongs to Sally at Pink. Vanilla. Love. and her mom and sister in Melbourne, Australia.

Sally says: "This is Ginny, my delicious 2 1/2yr old chocolate Labrador - aka The CocoaPop. I bought her all by myself when I was 19, and I have never looked back. She is truly the epitome of Man's Best Friend, except she's more like a Girl's Best Friend. She lives in a house of girlies - My Mum, my sister, and Me (When I'm in the country). She is the friendliest dog who just can't help but make everyone play with her and pat her. She is also the classic labrador - an appetite for both trouble and food! If it wasn't for my Mum running/walking her up to 3 times a day, she would be more like a small chocolate beached whale.

When she was a puppy, her and I used to do everything together. Car rides, brunch dates, movies in bed, running - my little sidekick. I've been away/overseas for the last 18months, so I'm scared she won't remember me when I go home. I often see her on skype, but she's usually just a blur of brown fur and a wagging tail. It is my mission to re-kindle our bond as soon as I get home to Melbourne.

She makes everyone happy, and her high-five tricks always make me giggle. Love you Ginny x"

Sally, Cocoa Pop is going to give you the biggest wiggles and kisses when you get home, because she absolutely and positively is going to remember you!

SAM, the amazing Reverse Flying Dog!
A picture says a thousand words... or in this case, a thousand giggles!

Donna from dh designs gets treated to this view every night! HILARIOUS!! :-D

Say hello to Maximus! Paula at Vanilla Bean Baker adopted Maximus from the Navan Animal Rescue Corporation in December 2008. The NARC had rescued him from a puppy mill in Montreal (which has since been shut down - GOOD!)

Paula says: Maximus, a Labrador/Golden Retriever mix came to us, after living the first several months of his life in the mill, totally beaten down.  He was malnourished, frightened of everything, and mistrusting of everyone.  He did not know how to be a dog.  It took almost a year for him to completely warm up to my husband and I, and while he is very comfortable with us now, he is still very timid with people (and things) he does not know or see on a regular basis.

I can't imagine our life without Maximus.  He is, for us, the best possible companion we could have.  He is quiet, reserved and oh so loyal.  Good thing we didn't get him as a guard dog!   He never goes to the door nor barks when the bell rings, preferring to stay in the background until he feels it is safe for him to venture out.   As much as he is timid around people and new situations, he does not like to be alone and enjoys being in the same room with you.  He loves going in the car and nearly trips over himself in his haste to come whenever he knows that we are heading out for a drive.

His favourite room in the house is the den, where he sleeps and keeps us company while we watch television in the evenings.  He joins us in the dining room and lays quietly on the floor while we have our dinnner.  He does not whine or whimper for table food but waits patiently, ever hopeful that he will get a treat once the table has been cleared.  He has a sensitive tummy and is on a special diet, so his *people food* treats are few and far between.  Maximus has his meals on his mat in the den as he is afraid of the kitchen and never goes into it.

We live in a small rural subdivision of less than 60 homes.  There are over 38 dogs in it.  Maximus get along with all of them and has one in particular that, before his owners installed an invisible fence, was always breaking loose to come and visit.  His name is Bruno, and Max always enjoyed his little unexpected play-dates with him.

We are forever indebted to Michelle and her Navan Animal Rescue Corporation for providing us with the opportunity to give this beautiful animal a home where he can feel loved and safe.  We love everything that Max has brought to our lives.

And I'm sure Maximus if forever indebted to you for giving him a safe and happy home :-)

Caleigh is the first person to send me pics of her furry friend, Louie. He's a 7-month old pug, and he's adorable!!

Caleigh says... Louie is my "special needs" pug. He is 7 months old and I may just actually love him more than my kids!! lol. He brightens everyone's day. Louie was born with a dislocated elbow and a bad heart murmur. The heart murmur is so bad that he can't even undergo surgery to be neutered/spayed. Even with his health issues, Louie can be counted on for nothing but love and entertainment. Life would be pretty boring without my Louie!!!

I think Louie is a pretty lucky guy to be part of your family, Caleigh :-) Hope you have lots of years together filled with doggie licks & kisses :-)