Tuesday, November 26, 2013


I’ve FINALLY achieved my goal of being published in a magazine! Yeah! A couple of months ago, I did a phone interview with Patrick Langston at the Ottawa Citizen for a story he was writing about decorating for Christmas. I gave him some decorating tips and sent him some pictures, and this morning there they were in Ottawa Citizen Style magazine!

image My tips…

style quote 1

style 2

style quote 2

balls chandelier_thumb[4]

style quote 3

style 1

     Ottawa Style article: Tinsel TimeOttawa Style article: Tinsel TimeOttawa Style article: Tinsel Time
And my friend, Sarah Kidder of Sarah Kidder Design also has a great tip for decorating a condo for Christmas:


You can read the whole article online here. And if you’re an Ottawa Citizen subscriber, you probably received the printed version with your paper this morning.

Thank you Ottawa Citizen Style!

What are some of your favourite Christmas decorating tips?

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  1. Congratulations! My daughter loves to decorate her room.

  2. Yeah Kelly, although we all knew you were magazine worthy!

  3. CONGRATS Kelly and sincerely well earned! -Brenda-

  4. congratulations Kelly -- being referenced as an expert by a writer in a major publication is definitely a huge thing. Bravo and congratulations!


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