Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Barn again

One thing I’d love to incorporate into our home is reclaimed barn board. I just love the rough, rustic look of worn wood, weathered to a beautiful silvery grey. So when I saw this room with an awesome barn board ceiling on Kenneth Brown’s Facebook page, it was love at first sight.

kenneth brown wood plank ceiling

I had to find more examples of this fab look. Love this kitchen, especially the combination of the barn board ceiling with the watery blue glass tile backsplash.

houzz kitchenImage via Houzz

Sarah Richardson and Tommy Smythe used barn board on the ceiling in this bedroom they designed for her farmhouse on Sarah’s House.

Pinned Image

Beautiful soft colour palette in this bathroom – I’m guessing it was inspired by the shades of grey in the barn board on the ceiling.

Pinned ImageImage via Tracery

Not the weathered grey barn board of the other ceilings, but this brown barn board ceiling creates a warm & earthy vibe in this space.

Pinned ImageImage via Pinterest

Another beautiful brown barn board ceiling in this pretty dining room.

Image via Morgan Design Inc.

And how about this room with the awesome barn board ceiling and custom-made bookshelves designed by Mortise & Tenon Custom Furniture in Los Angeles, California. They salvaged the exterior siding of a 200 year old barn in Virginia and used it to create this amazing ceiling.

Custom Made Custom Built-in Bookcases and Old Barn Wood Ceiling

Custom Made Custom Built-in Bookcases and Old Barn Wood Ceiling

I have the beginnings of a little barn board project floating around in my head at the moment. I’ll let you know if I actually go ahead and do it (like I don’t have enough half-finished projects already on the go!)

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  1. Sigh.....now you've made me want to have a barnboard ceiling.....only it just wont be right in my 1979 suburban house.....

  2. Lovely images especially the first couple but it wouldn't work in my new builder home either. What's another project to add to the long list, right Kelly? (I have about a half dozen on the go as well.)

  3. I love how rustic the barnboard is...it looks fantastic on the ceiling! Total swoonworthy!

    OH and I got some better pics of the hutch...I'll try sending those over tonight! :)

  4. Kelly, as much as I despise my natural wood walls I LOVE these ceilings! Why must all my walls be covered with wood, but not the ceilings?? It's not fair! Lol Okay I'm done with my rant now. Another thing I love is the pair of lanterns over the dining room table, so pretty.

    xox Linda

  5. Go for it so I can live vicariously! Those photos are just stunning!

  6. Love those images. I have been filing similar images away as I want to have that sort of ceiling in the house we plan to build.

  7. I think the kitchen is my favourite. We just purchased a King Size bed made totally from reclaimed wood. It's beautiful and we just love it.

    P.S. Hope Jackson is doing well.

  8. These ceilings are GORG! And trust me, I know exactly what it is like to have ideas in your mind that take a while to come to fruition :) I hope you go for it!!!

    Thank you so much for your kind words on my walls today, I really appreciate it :) We finally did it!
    Nancy xo

  9. Once again, gorgeous rooms, Kellie - the kitchen especially is wonderful !!

  10. Love those ceilings. There is something cozy about old barn board isn't there?

  11. Wow, those are stunning. Well I hadn't wanted barn board anything before seeing this but I sure do now!

  12. What a brilliant collection of images. I love weathered timber too and it sits will all colours too. LOVE the bathroom pic. Thanks for pulling these together.

  13. Oh you found some beautiful examples of barn board. I love the texture they add to a room!

  14. I also love the barn wood decor. It provides a cool feeling to the room. YOu can team up the decor with some fresh greenery or flowers.

  15. I love all your images, they are very gorgeous and inspirational. They make me want to have these barn boards for my ceilings!

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  16. I just LOVE barnwood. I was so pleased to stumble upon your blog, as my name is Jax (jacqueline) & I am in the midst of trying to faux finish some paneling to look barnwood-y. I even am thinking of tearing down my fence because it already looks like the wood i want in my "Peachland Beach" themed bathroom - think distressed dock! Will keep an eye on you & hope you make something woody in your home soon!

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