Wednesday, November 9, 2011

When I say seven, you say…

Thanks for all the lovely comments about my dining room makeover :-) To be honest, I was a bit nervous about blogging about it, because I wasn’t sure what the reaction would be. It’s a bit over the top and definitely not traditional! But it’s fun & colourful and it makes me happy, and that’s what it’s all about – everyone should create a home that represents who they are and what they love – and I LOVE purple! :-)

purpleI ♥ purple! (image via Pinterest via We Heart It)

Now on to today’s topic… a big THANK YOU to Carol at The Design Pages for passing along this blog award along to me:

Much prettier than a naked gold man, don’t you think? ;-) So now part one of accepting the award is that I have to tell you seven things about myself. When you think of seven things, what first comes to mind? Why, these seven little dudes, of course!

1. Dopey

Sometimes I do really stupid things. Actually, a lot of the time! And usually after I do something stupid, I’m like, why didn’t I just spend two seconds thinking about that before I did it so I wouldn’t have done it. DOH! 99% of the time the stupid things I do involve breaking things, damaging things, or causing myself bodily harm. Like the time I dented the door on the fridge with a package of wonton wrappers. Oops.

fried-wonton-wrappersVicious killer wonton wrappers (image via Picnic Food Ideas)

2. Sneezy

I sneeze in threes. Does anyone else do that? And I sneeze big. But not as big as my hubby. I’ve never heard anyone sneeze as loud as he does.

3. Bashful

People don’t believe me when I tell them that I’m shy. I really am VERY shy, but I work hard to overcome it. I’m pretty comfortable when I’m around people I know, but I get shy and quiet when I’m around strangers. And I hate calling to order pizza. But I LOVE pizza, so I don’t let being shy stop me from doing that! Oh Place Tevere, how I miss your ooey, gooey, super-yummy pizza!

pizzaMmmmmmm, pizza! The world’s most perfect food! (Image via Place Tevere)

4. Doc

I am so NOT cut out to be a doctor. I absolutely cannot handle anything medical-related. In fact, I used to be petrified of going to the doctor. So petrified, I didn’t go to one for years. I’m much better about that now, and I can almost handle the inevitable oozing of body fluids at the halfway mark of House each week.

yawn-x Stick out your tongue and say “Aaaaahhhhh….” (image via Wildammo)

5. Happy

Things that make me happy… pizza (see #3), summertime, flowers, boat rides, purple, sparkly things, long weekends, swimming, walking on the beach, fresh snow, quiet evenings at home, Nova Scotia, my dogs, my hubby (except when he’s sneezing or snoring).

peggy 1[4] Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia

6. Grumpy

Things that make me grumpy… mean people, stupid drivers (especially the ones who drive slow in the fast lane and absolutely refuse to move over, and people who cut me off), bills, whistling, not enough free time, bad hair days, Holmes on Homes – enough with the reruns, HGTV! – doing stupid things (see #1), Squirt licking everything in existence.

monkey-hair-3031My hair in the morning – and that’s on a good day. (image via Animal Space) 

7. Sleepy

Ever since the time change on the weekend, I can’t sleep much past 6:00. And this morning, I woke up at 5:00. Which would have been almost bearable if Vinney White hadn’t disappeared from the morning show on BOB FM. Vinney, where have you and your sexy British accent gone?!

DH-Royal-Wedding-RoomRX-Union-Jack-Pillows-Dog-Sofa[1]Come back, Vinney – my dogs and I miss you! (image via Type A)

And now for part two, I need to pass the award along some of my favourite bloggers. This is always the hardest part of awards, because everyone who blogs deserves an award for all the time and hard work they put into writing their blogs. So I’m going to choose seven bloggers who’s regular visits give me the push I sometimes need to keep writing blog posts even when I’m too busy or lose the blogging mojo…

OR DESIGN glassworks – Pam & Oded create some of the most beautiful glass pieces you’ve ever seen.

ideezine – Bette covers all sorts of interesting topics that really give you pause for thought.

Vanilla Bean Baker – One of my favourite foodie reads, Paula designs the most awesome cookies.

manningroad – Kate and I originally “met” through Staci’s first Bake-N-Blog event. We were both in Budapest last December, but missed each other by just about a week. So I guess either she’ll have to come to Canada or I’ll have to go to Australia for an official real life meeting :-)

design elements – Every one of Maria’s blog post is a feast for the eyes, with beautiful interiors and interviews with amazingly talented designers.

Edin’s House – My old blog partner Victoria has her own blog now, and she’s sharing some pretty big home reno projects that she and her hubby are working on. And she has a really cute boxer pup named Kessie :-)

quintessentially b – Sarah is a designer in London, and she’s been working on some amazing design projects. She also writes a regular column for The Lady magazine.

Thanks again, Carol :-) Enjoy the pizza quest!

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  1. Can't believe you ever have bad hair days.... I sneeze about 7-9 times in a row,but very delicately, and I can hardly believe the shy part.. Glad to see a list of blogs you read... Going to add to my list.

  2. Love that you used the seven dwarfs as reference to your seven clever!
    I don't know if I would call you shy, either but then we know each other well so you aren't shy with me. I sneeze quietly as well and usually only once or maybe twice. You and Maureen have me beat!

  3. Haha loved this!
    And looove the shout out to slow drivers that make you grumpy! (we definitely see eye-to-eye there!!)
    Great meeting you on Monday :)

  4. You are so clever to use the dwarfs! I have done this a few times and it takes a lot of work! That baby panda sneezing is so funny to me! I can't wait for Jemma to get up tomorrow and I can show it to her!

  5. Thank you for my award - I am honoured. I will have to do my homework now and come up with my Secret Seven - did anyone read those books by Enid Blyton ??

  6. I loved your secret seven, Kelly! So endearing! I read and showed your gorgeous dining room makeover post and today's superb seven to Oded and his parents at the breakfast table, overlooking the garden with tropical plants and date palm trees, and we all enjoyed your writing tremendously, Kelly! (We are 7 hours ahead, in Rechovot, Israel, where the acclaimed Weizmann Institute of Science is situated, btw. Weizmann was the first President of Israel, and my mother-in-law worked for him when she first came to Israel, a Survivor of Auschwitz and Birkenau death camps.) Love the panda sneeze and the hair-do, the vicious won-ton killers... And Oded and I sooooo appreciate your beautiful award! We are thrilled and honoured with your thoughtfulness!!! ;) Pam and Oded

  7. Kelly - I'm SO curious about that frozen wonton story. (Were you trying to separate them by banging them against the fridge?? Sounds like something I would do, too.)

    Oh - and your dining room looks lovely! Nice job.

  8. wonderful idea to use the seven dwarfs. so honoured to read that my blog is one of your favorite blogs, Kelly. Thank you for the award. The baby panda is incredible. Yeah for summertime, boat rides, sparkly things, long weekends, swimming, walking on the beach, fresh snow, quiet evenings at home, my dogs, my hubby. Happy Friday! Big hugs

  9. I'm so glad to learn more about you and especially in your method of reveal...too funny! That pizza is making my mouth water and it's only 10am here.

  10. Oh wonderful post.

    Have great day.
    Smile loads.

    am following you!

  11. Hi Kelly! I was just enjoying my return from Japan leisurely read through your lovely blog, and LOVING your seven things, (I laughed out loud several times- that panda!!) and so touched to see you passed i onto me - thank you so much!


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