Thursday, January 24, 2013

A strange thing happened in bed last night

And no, it had nothing to do with 50 Shades of Gray ;-) I was reading the November 2012 issue of House Beautiful {if you think that’s bad, I still have unread magazines from 2011 on my iPad!}, and on page 107, a strong dislike for the room I was looking at just hit me out of the blue.

WHOA! Serious pattern overload! It made me shudder. And then I saw this bar:

And this bedroom:


And this office:

And this kitchen:

And I just didn’t get the appeal. For comparison sake, these are the bedrooms in my house:

JAX master bed

JAX purple guest bedroom

And my office:

JAX office 1

JAX office 2

And my kitchen:

JAX kitchen

looking down from FR 3 RS_thumb[1]

As you can see, my rooms are a lot different than the rooms in House Beautiful. And that’s cool – even though I have my own style and design preferences, I enjoy and appreciate all different kinds of designs. But now I’m wondering – am I just weird for not liking the rooms in House Beautiful? If that’s the case {which is quite likely} and you like the HB rooms, I’d love to know what is is about them that appeals to you. And if you like my rooms, I’ve love to know that too!


  1. Love your style! When can I move in? Seriously, you have done an outstanding job with your home and it is worthy of publication in any magazine! Congratulations!

  2. Love your house! I completely agree with first I thought I liked the HB kitchen but on closer inspection I realized there are far too many shades of white/cream going on!

  3. You have done a fine job with your house. I think we should surround ourselves with what we like and love and not care what is "fashionable".

    I don't know, sometimes I think they put homes in there for the designer's name, the client's name, or the extravagant budget, and it doesn't really matter if they have no taste.

    Or maybe our tastes just don't match that magazine for example I like BHG, Lonny, or Coastal.

    The first HB would be okay except for the window coverings. That should of been some fancy woodwork.

    The fourth one, except for the white bed, I could imagine in a bordello. Garish.

    And is the blue-green thing real? It looks like a computer image.

    The wall color is wrong in the green kitchen.

    The office is ordinary, which is fine, it kind of shows how people live or work.

    1. I completely agree - your house has to be filled with things that you love, not things that are popular or trendy. Unless you like popular & trendy things, of course :-)

      Sometimes I like what I see in House Beautiful, but I would say that the majority of the rooms & houses are too over the top and not really my style. It just so happened that this particular issue had a LOT of rooms that just didn't appeal to me. You could be right that it's all about the designer's name or the crazy budget and not so much about good & functional design.

      Hahaha! You're right about the bordello-looking bedroom! The fabric on the headboard makes me think of skulls - not what I want right above my head when I'm sleeping! ;-)

      According to HB, the blue & green bar is painted. Not sure who thought that was a good idea! I don't like the mint green cabinetry in the kitchen and the light fixtures. The rest of the room actually isn't so bad. The office just doesn't appeal to me, and that first room with the pattern everywhere.... it looks like a fabric book exploded!

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts about the HB rooms, and I'm happy to hear that you like my home :-)


  4. I would take any of your rooms any day! Very much my taste and I think they are beautiful! The magazine samples don't really do anything for me, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as they say. Someone loves each of them! :)

    1. Thanks Linda :-) I'm sure the people who live in these rooms love them. And that's what really matters - if we all liked the same thing, the world would be a boring place!


  5. It's a wonder you didn't have nightmares after seeing those rooms. Luckily you could fall asleep and then wake up in your own tasteful Home Beautiful.

  6. I agree with you Kelly. It's like we are seeing a trend of put whatever pattern you want together with something that completely doesn't work and we will call it pure perfection! I for one am not buying into this godawful excuse to call it design. I love the look of your home....YOU WIN!

  7. Kelly, I hate to think how often while wardrobe shopping that felt I have just found the perfect coat, dress, sweater, purse, pair of shoes etc. only having to look at it more closely and end up questioning ..... WHY - WHY - WHY did they use those buttons, make it so short, add that silly ruffle or gawdy applique, studs 'n buckles or is the heel sooooooo high etc. etc. etc. IF only they new where to stop, I may have bought it. Sigh! Now with that said, I think the same could be said for some examples of interior decor where the style itself is fine and may suit one's particular taste but the elements have just been overdone or taken to the extreme. (Hope that makes sense.)

    As far as your rooms go, I love them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Brenda, that makes complete sense - sometimes there's just too much of a good thing! The fabric in the first bedroom is nice enough, there's just way too much of it. You can't really appreciate it when it hits you ever the head like that.

      Happy to hear you like my rooms :-)


  8. Kelly I Love your house! I completely agree with you....It's like we are seeing a trend of put whatever pattern you want together with something that completely doesn't work and we will call it pure perfection! I for one am not buying into this godawful excuse to call it design. I love the look of your home

  9. You know what, Kelly? I subscribed to HB based on an incredible issue filled with beautiful rooms, and I have to say, I've been disappointed ever since. It feels like they're taking the 'lived in' look way too far, to being cluttered and messy, and way overstated. And that goes for things like the wallpapering, too. I don't think this is a subscription I want to renew...


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