Tuesday, July 31, 2012

All About Colour(ful art)

The Mission: Possible ladies are at it again – this time around, Andrea and Karah and Kelly and Linda and KariAnne are hosting an All About Color link party.

I love surrounding myself with colour, and one of the best ways to do that is with art. I’d wanted to try doing a painting for the longest time, but for some reason I kept holding back. Then I added “Create a painting” to my to-do list for 2012, so I had no choice – I HAD to get a painting started and finished! This was my first attempt:

Purple RS

Not exactly the Mona Lisa, but I had a great time making it (minus the paint bottle explosion followed by a 1-1/2 hour clean-up). So I decided to try another painting:

blue 2 RS

So much fun! I couldn’t stop myself, I had to paint more! This one was inspired by a peacock feather (those little spots are glitter):

peacock 3

I love bright colours – the brighter, the better!


Still haven’t figured out what this one looks like – what do you see?

purple landscape RS

A friend of mine said this one looks like a galaxy – I think so too :-)

blue swirls sparkles

Totally not how I thought this painting was going to come out, but I love the tie dye look :-)

orange tie dye

A little ocean inspiration…

blue swirly

This one was inspired by the Puff series of paintings by Ottawa artists Susan Bailie.

silver flowers

And I created this painting for our Extreme Makeover: Kindness Edition 2012 makeover at Foster Farm Family House this past February:

EMKE painting 2

So there you go, my paintings that are all about colour :-) Be sure to check out the All About Color link party for more colour inspiration. And if you have something colourful you’d like to share, you can join in at any of the five host blogs:

Have a colourful day!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Bathroom tiles: The final verdict

Last week, I was fit to be tiled with tile samples for the master bathroom coming out the ying yang. After reading all your great feedback (THANKS!) and talking with glass artists Pam & Oded Ravek, I’ve made my final written-in-stone decision :-) The floor tiles were already a definite right from the start – 12” x 24” moonstone (the samples in the picture below are 3” x 6”). They’ll be accented with a band of Bianca Carrara mosaic tile.

floor tilesBianca Carrara mosaic tile from Ceragres | Moonstone tile from Saltillo

The white wavy tile was a big hit with everyone – it’s going on the walls in the shower surround. The striped tile that I absolutely LOVE will go into the niches in the shower and the wall behind the tub. Then I made a total change from the accent tiles I was considering – I’m going to use a clear glass & marble mosaic, bordered on each side with a steely blue glass pencil tile.

shower tilesStriped tile from Saltillo | White wavy tile from Ceragres | Glass tiles Glazzio Tiles 

Here’s a close-up of the glass mosaic. The textured glass tiles have an iridescent finish, which adds a nice little touch of bling (I’m all about the bling!). The marble tiles will tie in with the marble on the floor.

shower accent tiles

And it just so happens that this colour scheme works perfectly with my blue glass floats :-)

all tiles

Once we sort out the tiles for the shower floor, that’ll be one more thing to cross off the list. This past week, we picked up two American Standard Studio sinks

Studio Undercounter Sink Alternate View

And a Toto Aquia wall-hung toilet

I’ve decided not to do wainscoting, Although I love the look of tiled wainscoting, I realized that there really won’t be enough wall space to properly showcase wainscoting. And buying all that tile would be expensive.

Hubby plans to start demoing the bathroom around September first. Can’t wait!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Let the games begin!

The big day is finally here – it’s time for the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, England! I’m going to be glued to my TV and computer screen over the next few weeks, watching all the amazing athletes from around the world “inspire a generation”. Great motto, kinda crappy logo…


The founder of the modern day Olympics, Baron Pierre de Coubertin, designed the symbol of the Olympic games in 1912. The five rings represent the five inhabited continents of the world: Africa, America, Asia, Europe, and Oceania (including Australia). And the ring colours on the white background represent the colours that appeared on all the national flags of the world at that time.

olympic rings

The Olympics bring the world together every two years. The colours of the Olympics bring the world together every day.

The blue roofs, water, and sky of Greece.

Blue in Greece letter 2 mom

A cute wrinkly black Shar Pei from China.

shar-pei-wrinkle esrati

The red rocks & sands of Prince Edward Island, Canada.

pei beach

The yellow wildflowers of the Simpson Desert National Park, Australia.

yellow-wildflowers- national geographic

The rolling green hills of Ireland.

Irish_green_hills our crazy adventure

And some beautiful rooms in the colours of the world. Like a perfect Olympic performance, no commentary required…


blue LR uktv

blue lr stylebeat

blue hotel design inc 2     black-trend-interior-momoy bw LR harmony interiors black kitchen lux-interior-design  marimekko-interior-design always mod Black-Room tiger lily edinburgh red lr rol vn

colinjustinbed07202009 red-living-room house to home red chairs plush home rexotic-red-kitchen-interior-design gaita interiors yellow bathroom alohomorra  yellow corner country living kelley_proxmire_yellow_black_dining_room simly heidis thoughts Yellow dining room classic interior yellow br wall country living green dr maison classique  dining-room-green-interior-pavilion-design arch inspire Classic Green Dining carolina panache Bright-Green-Kitchen-Design female ways

Enjoy the colours of the Olympics wherever in the world you are :-)

bike fisherwy

Thanks to everyone who shared their thoughts on the tiles I’m considering for the master bathroom – it really helped a lot! I’ve made my final tile selections – stop by on Monday to see which ones made the cut… and some that were added to the mix!

Happy weekend!