Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wham-Bam Bathroom Glam

Thanks for all the positive feedback about my ocean-inspired DIY art. If you were inspired to do something similar yourself, please be sure to share your project with me when it’s done – I’d love to see it!

The word “bathroom” doesn’t usually conjure up images of a place you really want to spend a whole lot of time. Or maybe that’s just me, seeing as our bathroom has dark green marble tiles and the absolute worst shower design ever and a bidet that’s only ever been used for entertainment at parties (don’t ask!) But if I had a glamourous bathroom, I might re-think that whole in-and-out-as-fast-as-possible approach.

Maybe the bathroom isn’t the best place to be surrounded by mirrors, but it sure is glam! Especially when it’s a tub surround!

splendid sassDesigner Louise Bradley | Image via Splendid Sass

Double the bathroom beauty :-)

Designer Shazalynn Cavin-Winfrey | Image via HGTV Designers’ Portfolio

Love the mirrored drawer & door fronts in these two bathrooms…

mirrored houzz Image via Houzz

SR bath 
Designers Sarah Richardson & Tommy Smythe (Sarah’s House Season 4) | Photo by Stacey Brandford
Image via Rambling Renovators

Love the look of sconces attached to a mirror.

diamond mirror 
Image via Marcus Design

Double the chandelier = double the sparkle…

bathroom  Michael Abrams Limited houzz Designer Michael Abrams Limited | Image via Houzz

This is an unusual & glam look – a floating vanity installed in front of a huge mirror.

huge mirror 1

huge mirror 2 
Images via Atticmag

I love the look of windows mounted in front of windows. (I saved this picture ages ago and just realized now that there aren’t really two toilets in the room, that’s a huge mirror on the wall!)

patricia gray Designer Patricia Gray | Image via Patricia Gray Inc.

black mirrors 
Image via Marcus Design

Can you guess where this glamourous bathroom is? It’s in a restaurant called Pizza by Elizabeths in Greenville, Delaware! It’s so glam, even the wallpaper has mirrors (Go Baroque in Mirror by Schumacher). And notice the vanity support is mirrored too.

ToddTully_News_PizzaByElizabeths_01Design by and image from Todd Tully, LLC

Not a mirror, but this silver sink is seriously gorgeous & glamourous, so I have to include it too :-)

sinkDesigner Jane Schwab, Circa Interiors and Antiques | Photo by Michael Partenio
Image via Heirloom Philosophy

And finally, this has to be the ultimate wham-bam bathroom glam by Chicago interior designer Jessica Legrange.

mirrored bath jessica lagrangeYOWZA!

Now excuse me while I go tear out my ugly and most definitely NON-glam bathroom!

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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Ocean-inspired DIY art

I’ve got a little DIY art project to share with you today. Whenever we go to the ocean, I always pick up shells and stones that catch my eye. Then they come home with me and sit in a bag in my closet. I needed to do something with the shells so I could actually see & enjoy them. So I came up with this little project using sand dollars and an oyster shell that I found, and a small starfish that I bought last year in Maine. All it took was some paint samples from Sherwin Williams, Ribba shadow box frames from Ikea, and 3D foam adhesive squares.

imageRIBBA Frame   Shadow box frame.  The image can sit against glass or be recessed. The mat enhances the picture and makes framing easy.

I cut the paint chip samples slightly bigger than the openings in the mats and taped them to the backs of the mats. Then I attached the sand dollars and starfish to the paint chips with the 3D foam adhesive squares (the oyster shell is heavier and required hot glue to make it stick).

project 3  project 4project 1  project 2

And the final product.

project 7 pn   project 8 pn

After these frames were done, I picked up a mirrored frame at HomeSense. It was on sale for $7.00 because it was missing the back piece. Easy to fix – I just cut a piece of cardboard to size. Then I put a paint chip sample into the frame and attached the sand dollar to the front of the glass with the scrapbooking 3D foam adhesive squares.


And voila, easy & inexpensive DIY art that reminds me of my trips to the ocean. You could do the same thing with any small mementoes or keepsakes – keys, brooches, coins, concert tickets… get creative and have some fun :-)

Linking up to Metamorphosis Monday at Between Naps on the Porch and Fabulous Feature Friday Free For All at Five Days… 5 Ways. And thank you to The Arts and Crafts Today for including my project as one of their top stories for today :-)

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Decorating The Homework Club with art

Tomorrow is the big day – the TBBs will be doing the Extreme Makeover: Kindness Edition 2012 installation at the Foster Farm Family House Homework Club. And apparently lots of cleaning too. Not so excited about that part, but VERY excited to see the design plan come together! I’m also excited that we have some awesome donors who are going to help us decorate The Homework Club with art. is transferring these drawings by three of The Homework Club kids to canvases. Such a great way to ensure that these drawings will last a lifetime.

 emke 1 emke 2

emke 3

If you’d like to preserve your kid’s artwork, check out the great options at – they can mount any digital image onto canvas, metal, birch wood, and even acrylic.

Sheila Cain has donated a print of one of her amazing pencil drawings – this is “Harley” :-)

Harley scan 4x6

Check out Sheila’s Heirloom Drawings to find out how you can work with Sheila to create a graphite drawing of one of your cherished items or keepsakes.

For the second year in a row, artist Matt LeBlanc has donated one of his awesome abstract paintings. It’s currently in transit and will be arriving later today. We won’t actually see it till tomorrow, but it should look a little something like this:


Matt has the hugest heart of anyone I know, and I’m so honoured to call him my friend :-) He has donated paintings to numerous charities and good causes, and a couple of years ago he raised $38,000 for cancer research with his Art For Life Campaign. Earlier this week, Matt resigned from his job at an advertising agency to focus on his art full-time. You might want to snap up one of his paintings now before he becomes uber-famous and charges millions of dollars for his work!

And finally, I thought it would be fun to create a painting for The Homework Club, inspired by our grey & red colour palette.

EMKE painting 2

Thank you Tim &, Sheila, and Matt! And also THANK YOU to the following people who donated the last few pieces that we needed to complete our project design:

Spotlight Hair Studio & Spa One Ikea side chair
Kristin Berit One Ikea side chair
Tina Klein Welsh Dictionaries

Sending you all great big virtual hugs!

And seeing as it’s Kindness Week, I think I’ll send out more hugs to everyone, just because :-) It would be great if you would share this video and pass the hugs along to your blog readers. It’s a great way to spread the kindness and make people smile – or cry, because it’s just so darn emotional listening to ♫ Hallelujah ♫ and watching complete strangers hug!

Like Ellen says, Be Kind!

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Monday, February 20, 2012

A bubblelicious DIY project

I love, love, love Bocci light fixtures:


So cool, but so expensive and so not happening in my house. Till I found this awesome bubble “light fixture” project by Jenna at Homeslice:

jenna 1

How awesome is that?! Jenna and her husband created their own version of a bubble light fixture (minus the light) using glass bubble balls from CB2, ornament caps from D. Blumchen & Company, and some ingenuity.


There was no question that I was going to make one of these babies, I just didn’t know where I would put it. And then I had an ah-ha moment – it would be the perfect piece to hang above the fireplace in the family room. So I bought the supplies and hubby and I used the tutorial by Jenna as a guide for putting it all together. We made some modifications based on the number of glass balls we used (Jenna used 15, we used 25). Here’s a quick rundown of what we did.

How we did it

Hubby built the board that the bubbles hang from and I painted it the same colour as the fireplace mantel, Benjamin Moore Cloud White. It’s the same length and width as the mantel – about 66” x 17”

board steps

This is where hubby turned it into a total mathie project. There are two sizes of balls, 4” and 6”. The size of the space above the fireplace where the glass balls hang is 45L” x 30H” x 13D”. Hubby generated a list of random numbers from a website like this one, and used the numbers to position each ball within the space. If a number caused an interference with an already set glass ball, he moved to the next number. Sorry if that makes no sense to you – it doesn’t make sense to me either! At any rate, here’s the AutoCAD version of the final glass ball layout:


Now on to the actual construction. Hubby drilled small holes in all the appropriate places on the board. Then we cut pieces of invisible thread to the required lengths and attached one end of each piece of thread to a metal ornament cap and tied a loop in the other end. The looped end went through the hole in the board (from painted side to unpainted side) and around a toothpick – very high-tech! The toothpicks hold each thread in place when the thread is taut, but I added a piece of tape to each toothpick to be extra-sure the threads stay in place. To prevent the threads from getting tangled (been there, done that, not fun!), I taped each thread to the front of the board until the board was installed.

steps 1a

Then it was time to attach the board to the ceiling above the fireplace. Hubby screwed three pieces of wood to the ceiling, and then screwed the board to the pieces of wood.

hanging board

As you can see, there are two pot lights right in front of the board. So even though this isn’t going to be an actual functioning bubble light fixture, it sort of acts like one with the pot lights right there.

Then it was finally time for the fun part! Hubby removed the pieces of tape and let the lengths of thread fall loose…


…and I left it up to hubby to attach the glass balls to the ornament caps, because I knew if I did it, there would be some glass ball casualties. My job was unpacking the balls and removing the stupid stickers. And this is how it turned out (I’m still debating how to accessorize the top of the mantel):

final 1

final 2


Trying out some other accessories…. I’m kinda stumped. Maybe it doesn’t need any accessories at all? I can’t show you too much of the fireplace because that’s a makeover for another day :-)

final 5

mantel with floats RS

final 7

final from below

final from side

I just love my bubble light fixture – except for the fact that I can’t get the song ♫ Tiny Bubbles ♫ out of my head. Is it in yours now too? ;-) I have to send another big thank you to Jenna at Homeslice for inspiring this project. If you want to make your own bubble light fixture, definitely check out her tutorial.

And while we’re on the topic of bubbles, today I’m guest posting over at Lisa Goulet Design, and it’s all about George Nelson Bubble Lamps. I’m also linking up to a few blog parties – Metamorphosis Monday at Between Naps on the Porch, Feature Friday Free-For-All at Five Days… 5 Ways, and Sass’s Sunday Salvation Show #12 at Sassafrass Salvation.

Come on, admit it, you’ve got the song stuck in your head now too, don’t ya?!

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Friday, February 17, 2012

Extreme Makeover: Kindness Edition 2012 update

Today is the start of Kindness Week here in Ottawa. Not that you shouldn’t be kind EVERY week, but this is a great initiative that encourages people to “choose to be kind”. And really, it’s not very hard to be kind – hold the door open for the person behind you, give someone your seat on the bus, smile at a total stranger… even the smallest gesture is appreciated.


As I mentioned in this post, this is the second year that I’m participating in Extreme Makeover: Kindness Edition. Next Friday, the TBBs and I will work our magic at the Foster Farm Family House Homework Club, a place where kids in the Foster Farm community go to do their homework. Over the last month, we’ve been rounding up sponsors and donors and planning the design. You might remember our colour palette inspiration…

Image via House Beautiful, February 2011

Well, just like any design, things change and evolve based on a number of factors – in this case, we had to adjust our colour palette because we couldn’t get the yellow chairs that we planned to use in the space. But never fear – just like last year, red has come to our rescue! And now we’re going with this colour palette…

red gray room house to homeImage via House to Home

Here’s a little sneak peek at the design board that our lead designer, Sonya Kinkade, has put together…emke moodboardIf you want to see more, head over to the EMKE Facebook page and click the Like button.

I’d like to send out a huge THANK YOU to all of our donors and sponsors who have contributed products, labour, and money to this very worthy project. Can’t wait to see it all come together next Friday!

D.E. Kinkade Konstruction Ltd Construction, labour, and materials
Ottawa Valley Kitchens Built-it cabinetry
Sherwin-Williams store #8785 Paint
B.T. Kelly Painting Inc. Paint labour
Barwood Flooring New hardwood flooring
Marchand Lighting and Electrical New lighting
Climate Works New central air conditioning
Lafarge Canada Supplied new school chairs
School Furniture of Canada Kindly discounted the price of the school chairs
Tamarack Developments Cash donation for homework room décor
Tag Along Toys New school supplies
Smart Space Organizing Office and school supplies
Ikea Canada Office supplies
Future Shop Wall mounted TV and Blu-ray player
Faye Fortune Drapery New window treatments
Matt LeBlanc Abstract Art New custom art piece designed for The Homework Club
Sheila Cain - Sample pencil artist Custom art piece
Danielle Lynn Photography Capturing the makeover with photography
Randy Little, Investment Fund Advisor Donation of chalkboard paint

And of course, the TBBs design team!

Sonya Kinkade (Lead Designer)

Sonya Kinkade Design

Maureen Coates


Nicole Duguay Solace Interiors
Lisa Goulet Lisa Goulet Design
Donna Hargrove dh designs
Kelly James JAX Decor & Design
Sarah Kidder Sarah Kidder Design
Mary Anne van Gaal Otta Decorate!

If you’d like to be part of Extreme Makeover: Kindness Edition, there are still a few items that we need to buy – a couple of chairs, a floor lamp, a long wall shelf, and dictionaries. If you’re interested in donating a few dollars to put towards the purchase of these items, please send me an e-mail or leave me a comment and let me know.

And to change the subject completely… I’ve got an amazing project to share with you on Monday. It’s been in the works for a few months, and I’m so excited that it’s finally done and looks even better than I envisioned! I’ll also be guest posting over at Lisa Goulet Design on Monday about a topic related to my project. I’m keeping it a secret for now, but here’s a clue…

Champagne Glasses

Happy Weekend & spread the kindness!

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