Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Man colours

Have you ever wondered how somebody ever came up with paint colour names like Dead Salmon and Atomic Vomit Green and Hamster Cuddles? Think you can do better? Well, here’s your chance! CIL Paint is running a contest on Facebook to re-name colours like Tutti Frutti and Ballerina Slipper with more manly names – the theory being that a guy will be more likely to want to paint if he’s putting Beer on the walls instead of Butterscotch. Frankly, the only way to persuade my hubby to get out the brush and roller and get to work is if the paint TASTES like beer. But who knows, maybe there’s some logic to this.

What’s the grand prize in the manly chip name contest? A manly $10,000 home theater, of course! If you think you’ve got what it takes to be a manly-paint-chip-namer, click here to go to CIL’s Facebook page and enter. Here are some names I came up with just for the heck of it…CIL2

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Friday, August 26, 2011

Fab Furniture Friday with The Painted Hive

Here’s a great Fab Furniture Friday project that will inspire you to either try something similar or to call a travel agent and book a vacation – or both! Kristine at The Painted Hive found this beat-up cabinet in a gutter:

the painted hive before

And turned it into this piece of gorgeousness.

the painted hive after 1

But wait – here’s the best part. The wood on the top had been sanded within an inch of its life, complete with exposed veneer and gouge marks.

Map Cabinet Top Before

Kristine came up with the idea to use wrapping paper to cover the damaged wood. Sometimes problem solving leads to the best & most creative ideas :-) Check this out:

the painted hive after 2

How cool is that?! The map adds so much character, and really makes this cabinet unique.

Map Cabinet (5)

Map Cabinet (11)

And the perfect little finishing detail – Kristine created these awesome compass knobs.

the painted hive after 3

Click here to read all about how Kristine turned this ugly duckling into a beautiful swan :-)

If you have a piece of furniture that you’ve built, repaired, refinished, repurposed, reinvented, or otherwise done something fabulous to, send me some pictures and the story behind it, and I’ll feature it in a future Fab Furniture Friday post.

Happy weekend!

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

It’s all Greek key to me

clip_image001Image via Body Temple

Now that I have your attention… ;-)

A meander – more commonly known as Greek key design – is a decorative border constructed from a continuous line, shaped into a repeated motif. The name has two meanings: "meander" recalls the twisting and turning path of the Maeander River in Asia Minor, and the “meander is the figure of a labyrinth in linear form” (Karl Kerenyi, one of the founders of modern studies in Greek mythology).

Meander pavement in Rhodes, image via Wikipedia

Meanders appeared in ancient Greece in many architectural friezes, temples, and in bands on pottery from the Geometric Period (about ca. 900 to 700 BC) onwards. They were among the most important symbols in ancient Greece, thought to symbolize infinity and unity. Greek vases were likely the genesis for the widespread use of meanders.

Geometric pottery, c. 900-700 BC, image via Art History 2010, Laura Shefler

Today, the Greek key design is seen on everything from buildings to fabrics to jewellery to light fixtures.

Image via Splendid Willow

Love these two fireplaces – subtle but effective.

Design by and image via Fiona Barratt Interiors

Design by and image via Diamond Baratta Design

Greek key looks cool incorporated into a piece of furniture.

Design by and image via Bradley Hughes

Image via Design Elements

table tobi fairley 2
Design by and image via Tobi Fairley Interior Design

Beautiful bright green dresser – notice the Greek key motif on the feet, as well as the hardware.

green dresser ibb design com
Image via Designer Detective

It’s a great focal point in a room when used as trim.

shelving trim cullman and kravis
Design by and image via Cullman & Kravis

Design by and image via Diamond Baratta Design

I’m not usually a fan of yellow, but I’m seriously diggin’ these yellow chairs with black piping. Very cool!

border tracy murdock allied asid via houzz
Design by Tracy Murdock Allied ASID, image via Houzz

Greek key looks just as good down on the floor.

carpet jennifer flanders design
Design by and image via Jennifer Flanders Inc. Interior Design

carpet rachel reider interiors via houzz
Design by Rachel Reider Interiors, image via Houzz

Design by Palmer Weiss Interior Design, image via Decorpad

It looks great as trim on curtains.

Image via Southern Living

Design by and image via Carol Reed Interior Design

Dress up a valance with Greek key.

Image via Left Coast Luxe

And why not go all the way and hang curtains made with Greek key fabric (love the mirror hung in front of the shelves too).

Design by Amanda Nisbet Design, image via Fashionable Interiors

A little bit of Greek key on cushions.

Image via Decorpad

Image via Design Muse

Image via Aesthetic Oiseau

cushion bradley hughes
Image via Bradley Hughes

There are four different patterned fabrics in this space – including Greek key – and they work so well together. None is overpowering, and each makes its own statement.

Photo by Alex Hayden, image via Decorpad

And Greek key on furniture. Love the look of this blue chair.

Image via Splendid Willow

Gorgeous living room. The Greek key fabric on the chair is repeated on the cushions on the matching sofas.

Image via Decorpad

Greek key meets Ikat. Did you notice the trim on the curtains as well?

Image via Hirshfields

Sleeping with Greek key…

Image via Decorpad

blue bedroom mary mcdonald via la dolce vita
Design by Mary McDonald, image via La Dolce Vita

Why not wear some Greek key?

Image via Kentshire

Image via Perfect Wedding Day

Light up your life with some Greek key.

Image via Dose of Design

And this might by my very favourite use of Greek key…

showerImage via Eclectic Revisited

Strangely enough, although I love Greek key, I don’t have any in my house. How about you?


Monday, August 22, 2011

Subway chic

Earlier this summer, I won a giveaway over at Barbara’s blog, hodge:podge. The prize was a subway-style poster from the Etsy shop Chocolat & Cherries. I chose the European poster because I'd like to go to pretty much all of the cities on the poster some day.


I picked up a frame at Michael’s that’s just the right size…


…but I wasn’t crazy about it being black. I decided to colourify it, so I picked up a can of red spray paint, and voila!


Thanks Barbara and Beatrice for the great addition to my art collection :-)

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