Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pillow appeal

I came across this picture a few days ago – there’s just something about these pillows that really appeals to me. Maybe it’s the bright colours or the simple nautical symbols… whatever it is, I like :-)

wisteria pillows

Pillows are 22” square and are made with soft cotton or a combination of jute and cotton and filled with down-like non-allergenic polyester fiberfill inserts. Available from Wisteria for $69 each.

Anything interesting catch your eye this week?

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Kate & Kelly’s Great Blog Recipe Exchange

Today’s the day to tempt everyone’s taste buds with your favourite recipe. Cookies, cake, bread, buttered chicken… post your recipe, link it up here, and then do the rounds to expand your culinary horizons :-)


The recipe I’m sharing is from Janet & Greta Podleski. These two Canadian sisters have written three fantastic fat-busting cookbooks that are fresh, fun, and full of tastiness.

looneyspoons    crazy plates    eat shrink merry

One of my favourite recipes is from Eat, Shrink & Be Merry – it’s a low-fat but super-yummy version of Thai pizza. It may look and sound a bit strange with peanut sauce instead of tomato sauce, but trust me, your taste buds will thank you! To up the healthy factor and flavour, I use this recipe for whole wheat pizza crust. It makes enough for two pizzas – I split it in half and freeze one half for a future pizza.

A couple of notes: Don’t limit yourself to the veggies listed in the recipe – use the veggies that you like best and/or that you have handy. And I’ve discovered that blanching the bean sprouts for a few minutes and then drying them well prevents the crust from getting soggy. I do the same with bok choy, and would recommend blanching any veggies that have a high water content. And dry all the veggies well after you rinse them.

pizza recipe

Here’s my dough about ready to me made into pizza. I pre-bake the crust for about 8 minutes at 425 degrees, let it cool, and then put on the toppings.


Toppings prepared and ready to go. I use more cheese than the recipe calls for – about 2 cups. But really, just eyeball it till it looks like a good amount to you. There’s also green onions, red & yellow peppers, shredded carrots, bok choy, and bean sprouts. You could replace the chicken with shrimp, or why not do both :-)


Assembled and ready to go into the oven…




My slice of Thai pizza ready to eat. Mmmmmm, nutritious and delicious!


Now it’s your turn! Use Mister Linky to join in the recipe exchange. It’s easy:

  1. Click the Mister Linky icon below.
  2. Enter your name (or enter the name of your recipe if you’d like) into the Your Name box and the permalink to your recipe exchange post in the Your URL box. To get the permalink, click the title of your recipe exchange post. The permalink will appear in your browser’s address bar. Copy & paste the address into the Your URL box.
  3. Click Enter, and you’re good to go :-)

Be sure to check out what Kate’s got for you over at manningroad (she’ll be posting her recipe any minute now!), and do the rounds of all the recipe exchange participants. Have fun!

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Monday, March 28, 2011

Pinteresting, very Pinteresting

Have you heard of Pinterest? It’s like one-stop shopping for beautiful inspiration pictures. It’s free to register, and once you’re signed up, the internet is your oyster. You create boards on your Pinterest page, and as you surf the Net and find images of beautiful things, you can quickly and easily save them to one of your Pinterest boards. The cool thing is that the link to the image is saved with with image, so it’s easy to go back to the web page it came from, which is super-handy for giving proper credit for the picture.

DR lacquered lifeImage via Lacquered Life

It’s really easy to use. You install a little Pin It widget onto your browser’s toolbar, and any time you see a picture you want to save to one of your Pinterest boards, just click the Pin It button. All the images on the web page that you’re on appear on the screen. Click Pin This on the image you want to save, write a short description of the image, click Pin It, and there you go! You can also repin images that you like from other boards onto your board.


Here are some of my Pinterest pictures…

bathroom Louise Bradley desr designers Designed by Louise Bradley, image via Dear Designers

LR style at homeImage via Style At Home

bedroom alamodeus Image via Alamodeus

Look Up - Ceiling Art - House Beautiful July 2009 limestone and boxwoods Image via House Beautiful via Limestone & Boxwoods

LR atmosphere interior design houzz   Designed by Atmosphere Interior Design, image via Houzz

LR via cococozyImage via Cococozy

kitchen chateau couture decorImage via Chateau Couture Decor

LR style at home 2Image via Style At Home

Don’t forget, Kate & Kelly’s Great Blog Recipe Exchange is happening this Wednesday, March 30th. Blog about one of your favourite recipes on Wednesday, link it up to the recipe exchange, and then check out everyone else’s recipes. Click here for all the details.

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Thursday, March 24, 2011


Gold is making a big comeback in interior design. But not your everyday, run-of-the-mill gold doorknobs and chandeliers. Nope, gold is coming back in super-cool shapes and forms. Want proof? Here you go!

I can’t decide which I like better – the curvy gold chandelier or the gold table base. Both are super-cool!

gold table Bradley Hughes_4 Designer Bradley Hughes

New York-based design Amanda Nisbet is a colour genius, and she definitely knows how to incorporate gold into a room…

gold stools amanda nisbet  gold chandelier amanda nisbet

My friend Amy at eye see pretty is a big fan of gold. I found the next few images over at her blog. The curvy gold table base in this room designed by Garrow Kedigian reminds me of a Noguchi table.

table garrow kedigian

Gold butterfly wall art by Paul Villinski.

butterflies eye see prettybutterflies 2 paul villinski

Pretty gold fabric on this chair. Sorry, I don’t know who it’s by. I’ll try to find out!

chair eye see prettyImage via eye see pretty

I discovered this gorgeous wall sconce at quintessentially b – thanks Sarah! It’s the Squiggle from Porta  Romana.

gold squiggle Porta Romana

Another gold light fixture I found at 1stdibs – the Astrolabe chandelier by Hubert le Gall.

astrolaba chandelier hubert le gall 1stdibs

Cool mirror in this hallway designed by Fiona Barratt.

townhousechelsea fiona barratt

A bit less grand but equally beautiful, from Horchow.

nikita mirror horchow

The Ring Side Table table by Autoban de la Espada.

Ring_by_AutobanImage via The 3D Studio

     Another 1stdibs find, this table base is made from small round mirrors mounted in golden brass.side table istdibsGeo Teardrop gold wallpaper from Burke Decor.

geo teardrop burke decor

Cork & gold wallpaper from Thibaut.

Thibaut Cork Wallcovering in Metallic Gold

I think all these designs are worthy of a beautiful gold medal!


Are you feeling the gold love now?

Quick note to let you know that Kate & Kelly’s Great Blog Recipe Exchange is postponed till next Wednesday, March 30th. So you have an extra week to pull out one of your favourite recipes and blog about it! Click here for all the details.

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spreading the kindness: B.T. Kelly Painting Inc

Our primary goal with making over the lobby, reception area, and store at The Good Companions Seniors Centre was to create a warm and homey space. One of the first things we had to do was select the paint colours. That’s something you’d normally do after you’ve selected your fabrics and furniture, but in this case, we had to make quick decisions in order to meet the deadline. At the time that we selected the paint colours, we had no idea what colour furniture we would end up with, so it really was a crapshoot. We used the logo for the centre as our starting point for the colour scheme:

From there, we ended up here (all Benjamin Moore colours).

all colours

Plus Cloud White for all the trim, lower walls, and ceiling. Now that we had the paint colours, we needed someone to put them on the walls (and doors and ceiling and cabinet too!) B.T. Kelly Painting Inc came to the rescue!Brent Kelly logo 2

Brent Kelly and his team did their thing over the course of a few evenings. Check out the awesome changes to the lobby and reception area. {“After” photos by Danielle Lynn Photography unless otherwise noted.}

From boring and bland…

before 1

To green & fab!

green cabinet

Icky white stucco…

before 2

To sky-blue ceiling.

DSC_0567Image by JAX Decor & Design

Kinda drab…

before 4

To pretty fab!


My absolute favourite element in the whole space is the curved section of the ceiling in front of the reception area painted Stratton Blue.

blue ceilingImage by JAX Decor & Design

Also love the cabinet interior (which you can see in the above picture) and the wall behind the reception desk painted Grasslands – complete with a gorgeous custom-made Matt LeBlanc painting.

green wall

Brent Kelly doesn’t have a web site, so here’s a little Q&A with him along with pictures of some of his paint projects. {images provided by Sonya Kinkade Design}.

Why did you want to participate in Extreme Makeover?
My long history of working with the Kincades made this project an easy choice. It was for a great organization that does great work in the community, and I enjoy doing these type of projects that produce dramatic results in a short period of time!

What were the biggest challenges of this job?
Only challenge was working after hours, but as a result we could actually accomplish more and not have to worry about traffic in working areas.

Do you usually do commercial or residential jobs?
We do both types of work and that keeps us enthusiastic because of all the different projects we do.


How long have you been a painter?
32 years

How did you get into the business?
I was working part time in the automotive business. A customer came in and asked me if I ever thought about learning a trade. If so, he said full-time work was available. I started 2 weeks later – he was a great teacher and I was a willing student.


How many people work for your company?

Do you work outside of Ottawa?
Yes, we have travelled 4-5 hours away on many occasions.

Any memorable jobs that you've done?
There are many, but from churches to arenas, gorgeous custom homes, to historic century old homes just to mention a few.

walsh 012

What's the key to a good paint job?
Surface preparation and clean working conditions, quality products and tradesmen.

Any painting tips you could share?
If you  are going to paint, buy quality brushes and rollers that professionals use, which actually hold more paint. This will make your task easier and end result will be much better.


 christmas 2010 011   mixed 001 

Contact information:

B.T. Kelly Painting Inc
312 Brigitta Street
Ottawa, Ontario
K2S 0J8

So what do we think of the transformation?


We like it!

Hope you like it too :-) That wraps up my donor profiles, but there’s still one more to come tomorrow over at dh designs. Also, check out yesterday's post at Solace Interiors about La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries. And there are links to all the Extreme Makeover donor profiles at the top of my sidebar.

A huge THANK YOU to B.T. Kelly Painting Inc and all of our other our other fabulous donors – we truly couldn’t have done it without you!

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